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Monday, August 1, 2011

Muslims attack and kill in China

Uighurs, where have I heard that before?  Pronounced we-gers, these Muslim people have been rebelling against the Red Chinese for many years and periodically succeed in murdering some of them.  HERE is the latest article out of China on the latest atrocity.  Ironic isn't it?  Even the commies are unacceptable to Muslims.  All humans that are not believers in Islam are infidels.  For some reason, atheist communists who don't even have a GOD are no better than Christians in the eyes of Islam.

From the website of the city affected by the latest attack, they said this;

"The malign intention behind this violent terror was to sabotage inter-ethnic unity and harm social stability, provoking ethnic hatred and creating ethnic conflict," the Kashgar government said on its website ("

I remember these Uighurs getting some pretty nice digs in Bermuda a few years ago.  They were  at Guantanamo after being captured fighting Americans in Afghanistan.  China would not take them back so American taxpayers had to foot the bill for these terrorists living the highlife in the Atlantic.  HERE is an older article on that atrocity to our pocketbooks. The war on terror is everywhere.  Even Red China, as smart as they are did not learn from their USSR brethren from their Afghanistan fiasco and the subsequent dismemberment into a bunch of new countries.  China may be next..

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