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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kick the Can Again, McClintock votes NO! Thanks Tom.

HERE is the vote and the breakout of who did what to whom on the debt vote. The only part of this whole travesty of government was Gabby Gifford's appearance (a miracle!) and the Tea Party voting to reign in the monster.  We are going to get 21 billion in cuts for a 2.4 TRILLION dollar increase in the debt ceiling.  But we seem to have another committee! 

A 12 member committee will be in place to run interference for the whole Congress!  And if they can't decide on cuts (of course that will be the case) then there are supposedly automatic cuts of which defense will receive 50%, all over ten years.  Wow, what a deal.  The Titanic is sinking and 535 men, women and children (well less the TPP caucus and Tom) under the dome are tossing more water into the boat.  I have heard the old watching sausage being made crap all weekend and having made laws and policies as a county supervisor I reject that view. 

The making of these laws regarding debt and budgets in Sacramento and DC is really simply transparent.  We get to see the deals and the ideology of the players.  HERE is the CSPAN article and on their page is a link to the bill and the CBO view as well as Speaker Boehner's Powerpoint presentation.  Check them out.  The US Senate is supposedly voting on this tomorrow.  After all this angst created by Congress over the last few years, I can only shake my head and wonder how our great country came to this.


  1. I shake my head too, especially when even people like Congressman West are unable to take the correct stance.

    Really makes it clear that we need to support McClintock...for his voting ...and for the hope that he might influence/educate his fellow members of Congress.

    --John Galt

  2. John, what is fascinating to me is the local leftwingnuts like Pelline, Frisch and the rest trash Tom all the time without any intelligent knowledge of history. When Tom ran for Governor, I supported him because he was the only viable candidate that had plans on fixing California's budget. Gray Davis and sadly, Pete Wilson and George Duekmajian, had put us into deficit and Tom had strategies to repair and fix it. Well, he lost to Arnie who was really a stupid governor and things got worse. Tom is still the wise man regarding the debt and has taken it to DC. But, the DC life at least hasn't wrecked him. The ones that voted for this remind me of the way California's budget was ruined. They just have not learned or refuse to even pay attention to, the Califonia lesson. Disregard the duty (budget) and spend more than they bring in. Wow, and Tom is called an extremist by the local loony left for those things. No, he is following the Constitution and doing the duties given him under our law. The rest are punting.


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