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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Tom McClintock is right

I wrote this comment on another of my posts and then decided to use it as a post to show why Tom McClintock is correct in his approach to the debt issue as well as the budget.  He has a long history oof trying to fix the mess in Sacramento and  now DC, mainly caused by democrats, but also by some republicans.  Here is my comment.

"John, what is fascinating to me is the local leftwingnuts like Pelline, Frisch and the rest trash Tom all the time without any intelligent knowledge of history. When Tom ran for Governor, I supported him because he was the only viable candidate that had plans on fixing California's budget. Gray Davis and sadly, Pete Wilson and George Deukmajian, had put us into deficit and Tom had strategies to repair and fix it. Well, he lost to Arnie who was really a stupid governor and things got worse. Tom is still the wise man regarding the debt and has taken it to DC. But, the DC life at least hasn't wrecked him. The ones that voted for this remind me of the way California's budget was ruined. They just have not learned or refuse to even pay attention to, the California lesson. Disregard the duty (budget) and spend more than they bring in. Wow, and Tom is called an extremist by the local loony left for those things. No, he is following the Constitution and doing the duties given him under our law. The rest are punting."

We all need to be more aware of history and mainly so to avoid repeating the bad results.  But we don't.  Sometimes when I listen to Tom he does repeat or have quotes from past leaders and I know that makes some people uncomfortable.  But the reason he does it in my opinion is he wants us to realize others have already walked the road we are on and by golly, let's pay attention so we don't screw up again over the same things.  But it is a painful thing to change as we can see by all the votes to continue down the road to ruin.  American politicians for the most part are loathe to speak their true minds and risk an election opponent .  Having run for office and won and lost, I can tell you most people are so careful to nuance everything to not offend that we end up getting Milquetoast, go along to get along, politicians.  Tom is not one of them.

I count myself as a similar campaigner and political person as Tom.  Many times though it was not wise to speak my mind from a common sense point of view but I did  and I had to take the arrows.  People, well some people, don't like the truth and will never be happy when confronted with the truth.  That is what is happening with the debt issue.  Tom is telling the truth to us and he is in the minority.  The truth is being trashed because the politicians don't want the American people to imagine our country could go under in a pile of IOU's.  So, they punt and place the truth on the shelf for an immediate fix of their favorite drug, power.

I have a lot of respect for Tom and the other truth tellers, mainly the Tea Party members in DC because they are telling us the truth.  The problem is not them, it is us, we can't handle the truth.


  1. Hey bonehead, I don't believe I have ever trashed Tom McClintock. I have disagreed with policy issues, but I don't think I've ever trashed the man. Can you site sources please?

    Now you are another story!

  2. Bonehead? You are one of those who I am talking about in the article and you never disappoint. You constantly trash conservatives and you think you are so smart to call people names and deny. You need to clean up your act. When you do get back to us sane folks.

  3. Hey Steve, make yourself useful and go make me a sandwich sir.

    The idea that you have a legitimate opinion on "policy" is wholly laughable. The only policy that you like is one where the tax payers pay your bills for you. Todd on the other hand has a history of creating jobs, paying taxes and being a stand-up American consistent with our founding principles.

    You should try it sometime bonehead.



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