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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why America will throw out the democrats next year

One thing about this debt debate I think the folks of our country now see is the democrats are not serious.  They are playing the typical Washington DC games and now we are supposedly on the brink.  I say America sees this and will extract the democrats from power in November 2012.  The people may even give our country 61 Senators and a new President of the US!

HERE is the latest game Harry Reid and his band on merry lefties are doing.  They are filibustering their own bill!  Harry's bill!  Why?  So they can pass it in the Senate at 1 AM on Sunday night while the country is sleeping.  Reid's bill is of course all smoke and mirrors.  He is proposing to save one trillion dollars by withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and using "surge" level spending as a baseline number.  This Houdini style farce has been exposed for its lie and yet Harry and the Lefty gang will try and force this on the people.  Well, they may be in trouble regardless since the Senate needs 60 votes to break a filibuster so we may see fireworks real soon. Today?

The House passed the Boehner bill last night with the barest majority, one vote, and it went over to Harry and the Gang and was immediately tabled along a party line vote.  Now where is that bipartisanship Harry has been screeching about?  Nowhere of course.  So, that makes three bills to deal with the debt and three bills Harry and the Lefty gang have tabled or voted down.

America is on the brink the democrats and Obama are telling us every day.  We need compromise these lovelies keep telling us.  What happens of course is the democrats are just lying about the need for compromise and the only group actually doing the compromising is the Republicans.  And they are compromising with themselves!  The democrats are AWOL.  Then we hear Obama's advisers as well as ex president Clinton urging Obama to use the 14th Amendment, Section 4 to unilaterally raise the debt limit!  Now that would be something!  If Obama changes his mind and trys it that would be a Constitutional crisis since the Constitution specifically state it is Congress, specifically the House, where all spending originates and must pass. The 14th had to do with the Civil War.

America is being driven over the cliff and all the left is apparent happy about that.  The immorality of placing debt on the future citizens not even born yet is breathtaking.  The debt now matches our nations GDP and will keep on going up.  Why my new little granddaughter born two days ago has to be responsible for the Little Debbies purchased by a welfare  queen today is beyond my comprehension.  But that is what it really is, immoral.  Democrats are stuck on higher taxes as the solution to everything they desire and yes they are correct in their view.  They want us all to be serfs of the state so to accomplish that they must tax and take everything the individual holds dear.  Our money and our property, real and imagined.  We on the right want freedom of the individual from the government.  Somehow we have turned our forefathers sacrifices and words on their head.  The left wants a government of the government, by the government and  for the government.  We want a government of the people by the people and for the people. So that America will not perish from the earth.  It will if we leave the democrats in charge.

Oh and thank you Congressman Tom McClintock for voting to save the country last night.  We sincerely appreciate your courage.


  1. I think it is hilarious that you are critiquing the Senate for defeating the Boehner plan by a party line vote, when it passed the House on a party line vote! I mean, what are you, blind. The House vote was 218 Yes, all Republicans and exactly what was needed for passage, and every other Republican voted no, because they thought it was too liberal.

    Don't you see the logical failure of your point?


  2. So when R's vote with D's that is a party line vote? I think you are drinking again. If no R's voted with D's then that would be a party line vote. In the Senate it was all D's No and all Rs yes. That is a arty line vote. Get it?

  3. Frish, the day that liberals and the liberal media end their selective outrage, blatant hypocrisy and manipulation of factual reality is the day that 70% of Americans will stop believing Liberal Dem supporters are total clowns.


  4. We followed yesterday's vote live on C-SPAN and marveled at Pelosi's smarmy weaving of tales about Republican partisanship as we reflected back on the way she and Harry rammed Obamacare down our throats..... "You've got to pass the Bill to see what's inside." 2012 is coming and it isn't gonna be pretty for the Rats.


  5. Humpty Dumpty has fallen, and "Red Reid" and his fellow "Commicrats" will not be able to put him back together in time for 2012.

    --John Galt

  6. Even though I don't think this debt stuff respolution is any good, it does make the dems and Obama look the worse.


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