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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Global Warming nuts are in charge of planning

California is truly the land of government nuts and I don't mean cashews.  Anything having to do with the hoax of global warming is embraced by the libs running most of the planning and environmental bureaucracies here and they are worse than a barnyard dog.  Even though there has been a cooling for many years and there is no proof the sea levels have risen (Obama's election victory affirmed that), the planners in the once golden state require coastal developments to factor in a huge sea level increase in their plans. 

HERE  is the Sacramento Bee story that almost made me spit my icy beverage from my lips. We are being run by crazy people!  Reminds me of the Army Corps of Engineers thumbing their noses at the US Supreme Courts decision a few years ago regarding "navigable waters". The ACOE doesn't follow the law and still makes people with a mud puddle on their property to either set the mud puddle in a non development state or pay $150,000 ab acre to trade for its development.  They just don't care what the law is or the science is.  These rogue organizations and the people that enforce the anti=laws and science are wrecking the country and doing it fast. 

California, now thanks to Jerry Brown, has every jurisdiction add a global warming element to their General Plans.  For what!  So we taxpayers can spend more money for studies?  Yes, we have a huge industry of companies that "study" every little thing regarding land use.  We study and then adopt and then we pay.  Look at the waste of millions at the Empire State Park.  The little creek we all played in as kids was deemed by some bureaucrats, after a study of course, to be bad for living things.  The water comes out of a mine tunnel, gasp!  Oh my.  Well they have cut down a bunch of trees and dug some big holes and moved a bunch of earth.  For what?  So they can treat this water which has never harmed anyone and we taxpayers can pay in perpetuity the treating of the H2O. 

Well, this kind of stuff makes me wonder how the nuts running our government ever got their jobs.  They are spending our money for stupid things and have now resorted to spending borrowed money.  Yet their freight train never lets up.  This is just another example of why we need to take back our country from these crazies.


  1. The concentration of liberals in government is easily explained. For them government is the employer of last resort; they could not get a private sector job that pays half of what they're pulling down creating friction in our economy. And the more friction they create, the more they justify their existence. This explains the addition of global warming strictures to as many of our activities as they can. Relevance is a strong pull, and their alternatives to demonstrate it are so few.

  2. Apologies. The previous 'Anonymous' post was mine. George Rebane

  3. Heorge, no problem. I see the FUE posted your above comment on his own blog 14 minutes later at 6:50. Of course he thinks his portly mind is smarter than the average bear. What a hoot.


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