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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Matt Fong passes away at age 57

 I was shocked to read about Matt' passing from skin cancer in today's Union Newspaper. How could another young man die way before his time?  I knew Matt Fong and he was a great person.  HERE  and HERE is a short bio.  I met him when he was campaigning for US Senate against Barbara Boxer.  He visited the county a few times and spoke at some of our Republican functions.  I donated money to his campaign because I was totally impressed with his abilities.

I had not talked to him for a few years and I was not privy to his health.  I only hope he did not suffer too much with the terrible cancer he contracted.  I am sad for him and his family and I am sad for  California.  He was a good person and a fine American.  God Bless your soul Matt Fong.  We will all miss you.

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