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Friday, June 17, 2011

America's Internal Divide on Government's Role, The Right is Right

I have watched the size of government grow larger and larger throughout my 61 years and I often ask myself, "are we better off" now that it consumes 25% of our GDP?  In my view I say no.  I remember vaguely paying attention in the early 60's when I was a new teenager that the total federal budget was something like  250 billion dollars (population 180 million).  I thought that was a lot of money to rune the place, but we had a strong military and we took care of each other without all those handouts from Ma government. Now the federal spending is 3.5 TRILLION (population 300 million) and growing !  Over time I got a bit smarter and eventually I even got to have a say in how much we spend here in Nevada County

My first budget vote was on Resolution 85-429 for a grand total of $42, 479,069.  The County had a population of around 80 thousand folks.  Per capita spending was 525 bucks.  The latest budget for 2011-2012 is $176 million and the population is around 100,000 for a per capita of about $1,760.  Look aroiund, does a three hundred percent increase in out budget equate to three hundred percent improvements?  We only grew about 20% in population so where did all the money go?

The money went mostly to regulatory expense and social engineering mandates from above. Same at the state and federal levels.  HERE  is a Nena Easton article which shines a light on the struggle between big freedom and big government. It is all about power in my view.  I have never accepted the conservative/republican arguments about lower taxes bring in more government revenue, usually stated to placate the left I suppose.  The left just wants the money, no matter where it comes from because they always want a bigger government.  Well, they are winning and winning big because they get their money regardless.  If we work harder, they take more, if we have lower tax rates, they get more.  They win both ways.  My premise is 180 degrees from both of these strategies.  Less is more for me.  Trim government don't give the beast more.  Money is power and because the left has a huge insatiable desire to tell everyone else what to do, they(and some big government republicans) have manged to divert 25% of our total economic might into the federal coffers!

HERE is a great interactive chart on all government levels of revenues and spending since our countries beginning to the present day.  Yes we do have a huge struggle to remake the country.  Obama wanted to remake America in his image of socialism and government's place, but his ilk had already won!  The folks that voted for him and his leftwing cadre simply liked his teleprompter delivery and had bought into BUSH is bad.  What a way to run a country.

We have to take back America's spending habits.  We have to get them out of most of our everyday lives by removing duplicitous agencies, rules and programs.  We have to elect people like Tom McClintock and Wally Herger all over the country.  We have to bring fairness into the tax system by requiring every American to have a dog in the fight.  I am amazed how we overlook the fact the left has won the battle so far for a huge government and we let them tell us we are a greedy people, especially those "capitalists" who make and pay most of the bills.  Yes, there is a difference in the American worldview of the left and the right.  If we are to survive as a nation, the right's worldview  must take charge and trim the beast.

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