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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China has problems

Not many people get to here about the troubles in good old communist China these days.  The leadership usually keeps a stranglehold on the goings on there, especially if those are not so pretty.  HERE is an article from the Australian press which is a real eye opener into the "workers" paradise so loved by liberals in America.

China has been shedding most of its American bonds this year and it looks to me they are having the same problems as other countries that have limited freedom for individuals.  I think George W. was right when he said numerous times that people, most people, on this planet yearn for individual liberty and political freedom to live their lives without the yoke of government oppression. These uprising in China sounds a bit to me like the Tea Party phenomenon here in the USA.  HERE is an editorial (a sympathetic view of the Chinese ) about one view of the current events there.  It is more of a status quo government view but if there were 180,000 incidents last year of unrest I would suggest there is huge unrest under the covers.

Some people think 2013 will erupt into huge civil unrest there which of course will spill over into many other areas of Asia.  Even  Vietnam has as issues with China.  Now we see a summit coming up with China, Russia and Iran leading the way.  This is all very interesting to me because I see all this as some signs of desperation by these dictatorial countries.  The people in China are using Twitter and other social media to talk amongst themselves and the Chi-coms are apoplectic.  They don't want a coordinated uprising and they are doing their best to keep these things under the control of the state.

Not much is happy in China especially among the standard everyday ordinary people.  They want more freedom and if these communist and fascist states don't take them seriously, all hell will break loose.


  1. I was surprised to see that Daddy Bush did not try to intervene during Tiananmen Square. I have always thought that we should have played a much larger factor in that uprising. I am actually ashamed that we did not. I can't help think that those kids were holding out waiting for us to step in. Instead they were murdered. Back then it would have been much easier and much more productive. When you think of how the world might have looked now had we at least done the best we could it boggles the mind. Maybe after the election the relationship between us and China will change and that could be good globally.

  2. My understanding is that China and other nations are shedding US bonds because the interest rate is too low for the risk.

    Coca Cola and Intel bonds are paying higher. The world is realizing that The Big O (aka "The Big Zero") isn't responsibly addressing our own debt problem.

    --John Galt

  3. The only problem with China's mounting civil unrest is that dictatorships always start something with another country that can be used to divert/distract internal rest. China has been famous for that with Korea, India, USSR, and Vietnam.

    The ripe apple always ready for the picking is Taiwan, especially now that the 7th fleet is gone and not coming back.

    George Rebane

  4. You are probably right. The dictators need a Poland to blame for invasion and diversion. They can then clamp down on any opposition and put them up against the wall if they disagree. I am curious where China is going tp place its money now that they don't like our debt. I was unaware the fleet was gone. Was that a Obama decision?

  5. You mean like the US use of military force in Angola, Grenada, Libya (multiple times), Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Iran, the Phillipines (multiple times), Panama, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Haiti, Zaire, LIberia (multiple times), Albania, Macedonia, the Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq (multiple times), Afghanistan (multiple times), Yemen (multiple times), Columbia (multiple times), Syria, and Pakistan (multiple times).

    Did I miss any?

  6. It's tough spreading freedom around the planet. You serve in the armed forces?

  7. No diversionary tactics Mr. Can you name the 26 countries that China has intervened in militarily since 1980?

  8. Dodging again. What does a list as you have written here have to do with anything? America has intervened for many reasons, usually to defeat the bad guys and protect the innocent. There was no oil in Grenada was there? Or removing Noriega to keep cocaine from our school children. Or how about Bosnia where Clinton wanted to not have another Rwanda? Nicaragua and El Salvador were under attack by surrogates of Cuba and the USSR and you would have simply allowed that eh? Somalia was a humanotarin mission and was trying to feed starving people. I thought you libs were concerned for starving people? Also, you arer simply wrong in your list of "interventions" since 1980. I remember our dismantling of Subic Bay facilities at the request o the Philippines, we left. Also, you have many other countries listed which are bogus. Perhaps your history class forgot to teach you those things?

  9. Oh, BTW, is Tibet occupied by China? Do you support that?

  10. Oh, BTW, didn't China invade Vietman in the late 70's? Vietnam kicked them out. You agree with China's invasion? Oh, were you ever in the military?

  11. I'm not dodging this ill informed, un-educated shyte from you.

    I am merely pointing out that your example, that it is a mark of a dictatorship that it uses military aggression to divert peoples attention away from domestic issues, is simplistic, and parochial.

    You can come up with every reason in the book for why the United States has a record of military action that has us engaged overseas almost continuously, but to the rest of the world it just looks like exactly what you attribute to a dictatorship.

    And no, I never was in the military. Fortunately I live in a country where being in the military is not a prerequisite for participation.

    By the way, were you in the military? If so what did you do? What was your rank and specialty? Did you ever see combat? What kind of discharge did you get? Do you receive VA benefits? Were you a Section 8?

    I am constantly amazed at what a complete, utter, ignorant boob you are Todd.

  12. Frisch, you are simply an uneducated bloviating fool who doesn't know anything of value but thinks he does. I have studied military history extensively all my life and I have concluded based on your present ignorant comments that you simply don't know anything about it. You always resort to profanity because your brain is limited to the lowed case. Too bad. My view of the military interventions makes our musings look infantile. Try harder.

  13. I have had to delete two troll comments who were also anonymous. What these slimy liberals do is so predictable. Theur comments had nothing to do with the post ans were as always simply profane nasty personal attacks on me. So they just go bye-bye.


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