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Friday, May 6, 2011

Slutwalks? Our Culture is Under Attack by Nuts!

This is to me a good example of how ridiculous things are getting.  A Toronto policeman made a off hand comment about the provocative dressing of some women and now we have marches all over the hemisphere.   This is the latest on the particular policeman's woes.

"The officer who made the comments, Constable Michael Sanguinetti, was disciplined but remains on duty, Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said Thursday."

HERE is the full story.  

What I find amazing is the hypocrisy of the left regarding speech.  The PC crowd can't wait to protest, I guess because they need something to do.  So a policeman makes a comment they don't like, shouldn't he have a right to it even it is a bit harsh? Men and women should have more respect for themselves than our culture is showing us now.  The sexualization of girls from an early age by their parents is in some people's view a problem.  The sexual predators in our society are rampant and they use any excuse to do their terrible deeds.  Why is the policeman unable to voice his opinion?

Slutwalks apparently  has a Facebook page.  For GOD's sake, why would people be proud to be a slut?  Why would these people think they are righteous to protest for sluttery?  This just fascinates me.  I remember when an Italian Judge a few years ago said that a woman had to be assisting her rapist in removing her tight jeans therefore it was consensual.  HERE is a CBS News story on that ruling. Of course that Judge was wrongheaded and showed stupidity in regards to sexual predators.  His ruling sparked protests which spread around the planet, mostly in western countries.  Still, why would these men say these things?  Could there be something in men and women none of us understand? 

I do not endorse what the policeman said but shouldn't he be allowed to say what he thinks without losing his job?  What makes people so afraid of his opinion?  Perhaps we all need to rethink the direction of the culture and start paying attention to things that are making it more caustic (regarding social issues mainly).  We need to make sure we protect our women and children, from predators, but not at the expense of open discussion about what some people feel are the reasons of the problem.


  1. Canada has embraced political correctness. This is just one of many examples PC gone crazy.

    Can you imagine living in country fearfull that some casual and insignificant remark (such as the one reported here) could cost you your job.

    Sadly there are similar situations that have occurred in Canada during the past few years.

    --John Galt

  2. I was very disturbed by the Canadians treatment of Marc Steyn and Ann Coulter. Free speech is under attack by their PC Canadian version. I hope it changes now that the conservatives have a majority government for the next four years.

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