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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arizona Employer-Immigration Law Upheld by SCOTUS

A little common sense returned to Justice Anthony Kennedy who supplied the fifth vote for this decision.  HERE is the article.  What this decision exposes is the disengenousness and political chicanery of the left and liberal democrats on immigration.

How long have we had to endure the liberal "open borders" people trash the employers and wish for them to be prosecuted while patting the illegal worker n the fanny and giving them our benefits?  Well, the conservative members said the employers of Arizona can be made to use E-Verify by the State since the Congress left the licensing rights to every state.  So, now Arizona will have a tool to use to root out illegals by forcing employers to verify status.  The left is now exposed and their mouthpieces are complaining a new twist, E-Verify is not totally accurate and some illegals may be exposed to discrimination if they actually aren't illegal!  Wow!  The tortured illogical of leftwingnuts is breathtaking.

In leftwingnut Judge Breyer's dissent, he talked about the  chance for errors in the law and golly, I thought it was the SCOTUS job to determine if the law was Constitutional.  Silly me.  So now on to the other Arizona law which the Holder/Obama Injustice Department has sued.  I hope the common sense starts holding for Kennedy and another victory is assured.


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