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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leftwingnuts are at it again

Traveling around the blogs locally and nationally, I see a like-minded group of leftwingnuts comments.  They are mostly the same comments and I suspect they use the same talking points.  They are all full of hubris and as far as I can tell, chubby.  They are all arrogant and chubby.  Why would this combination exist?

Doesn't  the left, those folks who are telling us all how to live our lives have an obligation to live their lives as they tell the rest of to live ours?  The left is comprised of so many nannies it is hard to keep track.  The theater popcorn oil police nannies.  The rear facing car seat for up to a 15 pound kid nanny, or the "I drive a foreign SUV but you can't" nannies>  Pick your subject and there will be a leftwingnut nanny to preach to us.  These nannies are the ones that sue to disallow actual preaching so I am a bit confused on their thought processes.  I recall a Conservative radio personality wrote a whole book on these nannies and their political philosophy.  It is called "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder".  I think that is right.

It may actually go to the DNA though.  Their disorder could be a "disease"!  Maybe they can get the Doctors Union to declare it so.  Then they could go on disability and collect even more checks from the doers, the conservatives of our country.  There is truly a difference between the left and right here and around the planet.  Finally, most of these leftwingnut bloggers are chubby as well.  Too much time sipping red wine and eating cheese while posting their tripe.  Hour after hour, these portly lefties tap away.  A simple walk to the mailbox must seem too much like work. 

Since the Union Newspaper has decided comments are no longer allowed, we have  to experienced the liberal nuts moving to our blogs.  They are truly a bunch of folks with issues.  They come over and think they actually know what they are talking about!  We conservatives enjoin them and try our best to discuss things but these leftwingnuts always go personal and then go ballistic when we defend our honor.  I have a good time putting these nuts in their place, which more often than not, is under a rock. 

I decided a few years ago that someone had to respond to these nuts from socialist land and I took it upon myself to be that person.  I have had to do a intellectual smackdown of these dolts so many times I wonder why they keep coming back.  Maybe they like being defeated all the time and have a hope they can someday meet the grade.  The intellect of conservative blogger like George Rebane, Russ Steele, Greg Goodknight, Mikey, Kesti and others makes me proud.  The best the left can do is a failed cook, newspaper editor, planner and some hangers on from the Ridge and a couple of loons from Nevada City.

Nevada County is a true conservative place, even many democrats I know are very conservative here and it shows up in the voting patterns.  We have a great set of conservative leaders, and as a retired County Supervisor, I include them as well.  I do my best to not criticize them because I know what they have to go through.  We have City Council, County Supervisors, Assembly, State Senate and Congress, all conservatives for the most part.  When you hear some loon leftist claim we are a "purple" county, you know they are just trying to change reality to suit their mental disorder.

Nevada County has many great people and even though the group of leftwingnuts tries their best to make a mess of the place, we will defeat them.  What a great country!


  1. Todd, I'm wondering if you have any equipment--like a special meter or detecting device--that tells you when you encounter a liberal or a "lefty." And if so, how does it work exactly?

    Do lefties smell differently? Do they carry special identification? Do they look funny, or have any distinguishing markings? Are they found doing only certain kinds of work?

    This is a fascinating subject.

  2. Yes all of the things you mention plus a few more. A huge overt desire to tell others what to eat, do, and wear. There are many more. Ann Coulter wrote a great book on them. Get it and read it you will love it. LOL


  4. Michael. Let me answer you:

    1.) Yes they smell like cheap wine and MJ.

    2.)Yes many of them are card carrying socialists.

    3.)Yes, many look like they suffer from mild malnutrition due to idealism in their diets.

    4.) Yes, many have tattoos they got in 1969.

    5.) Many of them "work" for special interest, grant funded groups and/or the government...engaged in the micro management of the citizenry via outlandish rules, regs and lawsuits.

    Many "liberals" are not liberal (liberty loving) at all...most believe they have the right to tell others what to do, how to live, where to build, what to eat, what to drive, how to make a living etc. etc. etc.

    ...our founders warned us and we have taken heed.

    Woodsy 2.1

  5. I've got to admit when I read what Woodsy 2.1 lists I know that the liberals are in charge as there will always be some right wing moron posting "something really stupid" as he's is pissed off because his bike chain came off and he's too stupid to fix it!

  6. OK,,, "Anonymous ",,, Care to point out where he is wrong? Typical "moron" Lefty. All you got is a personal attack.
    We know when libs are in charge..When things go to crap. From the City level, all the way to the White House. That pretty much sums it up.
    And don't forget,, it's a LIB that won the day when it came to banning fireworks on the 4TH.

  7. Just a word to the wise. I am a true independent. I realize the need for liberal folks to deny, deflect, marginalize and categorize because admitting that 70% of Americans reject California style liberalism is an impossible pill to swallow.

    Liberals don't seem to understand (among other things) that independents like myself love freedom to prosper more than foolish liberal idealism.

    Woodsy 2.1

  8. Their disorder could be a "disease".  Maybe they can get the Doctors Union to declare it so.  Then they could go on disability and collect even more checks from the doers, the conservatives of our country.

  9. That would be liberals not conservatives. We conservatives are the doers and the liberals are the takers.

  10. Left Wing philosophy goes like this: If you don't share our beliefs, you suck and we will treat you harshly.

  11. All i see is the left wing nuts saying that ISrael should not have been there in the fist place, how under someone elses laws Jews have zero rights to live in the land.


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