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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Israel Speeches Compared, Obama and Bush

In today's Union Newspaper a Kevin McAuliffe spewed some leftwing talking points probably supplied by the loons from DailyKos.  His claim is Obama's policy on the Israeli borders is not dissimilar than George W. Bush policies.  Wow, what a stretch of illogic.  The leftwingnut included the link to GWB's speech to prove his point.  Well, it actually disproves his point.

In diplomacy and negotiations, words are of course very important.  Their meaning is very important and when you have three languages involved the translations can wreak havoc with their meaning if not done correctly.  I went to the link and this is what I saw and heard.
No where during the GWB speech did he say the pre-1967 borders were to be returned to.  His speech was very different than Obama's with the only similarity being the players in the negotiations.  How can a person like McAuliffe get away with his lies?  Well, now that the Union doesn't allow comments, he will.  These attempts to make Obama look like Bush lite are so amusing but they do show the desperation of the left.  Since Guantanamo and the Patriot Act (just renewed this week) are still in place and rendition is still utilized, Obama and his advisers look like fools.  So, they are trying to man-up by making a correlation with Bush, a real man. 

There are many examples of the lefts obfuscation of words and it will only get worse (like Mediscare).  Obama's new policy on Israel has created a firestorm of problems for him.  If one wants to see the lie of McAuliffe's comparison of the two President's, look at the responses after each speech.  The Bush policy garnered none of the surprise and blowback that Obama's has done.  Why?  Because the Bush words meant something totally different and were based on the truth.

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  1. The Leftists love "revisionism". Especially when it takes over a week to call them on it.
    ( that's about how long it takes to get a letter published in our paper)
    I do believe "jurno-list" is still alive and kicking.


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