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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama Gangster Government?

Michael Barone has written an op-ed in the Washington Examiner regarding the tactics and favoritism's of Obama and his cronies in the Executive branch.  We are now under the thumb of Chicago political moves and it isn't pretty.  HERE is the article.

When did America allow this kind of stuff?  We all watched the Obamacare debates and we saw a law rammed down our throats with only democrat votes.  We read the fawning press reports on how wonderful it would be to have such a legacy cemented into our culture by the "caring" democrats.  Now we get to see, (well almost) the results of the travesty of Obamacare socialism in a free enterprise country.  Waivers.  The waivers are not transparent except on who and what get them.  The process is hidden.  If Obamacare is so wonderful why have over 1300 waivers been "awarded"?  Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco Congressional District has received a whole bunch and she says she had nothing to do with them.  Yeah right, and I have this bridge.... Unions have received over 50% of the total waivers.  Unions comprise only 12% of the total workforce and most of that is public employee unions.  Could the $400 million in donations to democrats have anything to do with that?

Now we see the Obama NLRB Czar denying Boeing the right to move to South Carolina to build its new plane.  This is a first.  Where in the Constitution does Obama have the ability to do this?  It doesn't.  Obama is our first outlaw President as far as I can tell.  He is also emulating Nixon by using the IRS to go after 501 c4's that donated to Republicans.  Where is our press on this obvious set of dictator tactics?  So, all you liberals who think "progressive" Obama and the democrats are  as wonderful as sliced bread, watch out, you will be next. When the law is abused or avoided nobody is safe.

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