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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Global Warming Chicanery, You just Can't Make This Up!

HERE is the latest attempt by those "scientists" who love global warming drama.  If anyone had a doubt about the ridiculousness of these "grant-seeking" so called scientists, this will fill in the blanks.

These "smarter than the average bear" people proposed spraying sea water over the clouds on the oceans to make them WHITER!  Their computer models told them this would slow down the global warming they blame on our exhaled gases.  Well, these brainiacs then tweaked their software I guess and now they say NO, STOP!  This will actually make global warming warmer!  Why?  Because the water droplet size is wrong!  Oh my God!  You cannot make up this stuff.  And as I write this, I have been listening to the House debate on removing the rule by the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases.  I must say, the democrats who favor the regulations have to be third grade dropouts.  How embarrassing these nuts are able to be elected.  The education process has failed.

The Republicans have it right, the EPA is for clean air, not global warming.  If the country keeps voting in these democrats who are so stupid, the country will fail.  My 13 year old grandson is so much smarter than these democrats, it makes me proud to say that.

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