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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharon Rose. Golly I finally agree with something you wrote!

I have been reading a few comments from the FUE's blog and it does supply me with a few laughs periodically.  There are maybe five to ten consistent malcontents who post there and they usually agree with each other.  The Sharon Rose character is usually attacking the right and has been known to be a nasty commenter on the Union website.  Her and Keachie think they are smart and we let them think so.

Anyway, on the FUE's thread discussing the Hospitality House fiasco, Steve Enos, the ever boring naysayer and former Grass Valley politician, has run into the old kettle calling the pot black and is now getting back from Sharon Rose the kind of crap he dishes out.  What a funny scenario.  I have copy/pasted her comment on Enos's lack of compassion statements about the homeless folks.  This apparently set off these responses.  From the FUE's blog.

"Sharon Rose
I agree with Brad. Enos does nothing to help the HH situation. He has disrespected anyone who tries to be creative, figure out solutions, or for the homeless to have any presence at all in the down town area.
I would suggest that Jeff not allow Enos any presence on this blog. He does nothing to help regardless of the issue. He is basically a malcontent and a know it all. Get rid of him!!
Enos can take this as an attack by me and by Brad, but the truth is Enos NEVER does or says anything that is helpful, kind, or balanced."

Steve Enos is now being rejected by both those on the right and the left for his attitude.  Couldn't happen to a more worthy fellow.


  1. In this instance I agree with Steve. HH should have known about the CCR's. Ordinary due diligence should have picked this issue up long ago. While the community may need a central homeless shelter, the location they chose (apparently without completing the due diligence) is just not suitable for this purpose.

  2. Steve does raise a cogent point about the CCR's. I often find his comments on the mark, ranging from whether GV City Hall followed the Brown Act to "smarter" planning of local projects. He has been a champion for "shop local," including the use of local contractors. He shops at B&C Hardware. I presume you wouldn't disagree with Steve on that issue.

  3. The post has nothing to do with his CC and R view which I agree with.

  4. This instance is one of the first instances when Enos was respectful in his opinion instead of attacking people personally...for that and for pissing off Sharon Rose and Brad "I use my wife's last name"...Kudos.

  5. I enjoy leftwingnut internecine warfare too.


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