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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get'er Dun! Shut It Down! Obama Agrees

Watching and listening to the politicians, specifically the ones on the left, I have concluded the government needs to shut down.  Except for the military and safety here at home, I firmly believe we have to shut the rest down.  The system is so broken I am convinced a blowing out the tubes is in order.

I watched and listened for a while this morning, House floor speeches by Eric Cantor and Steny Hoyer.  I concluded Steny Hoyer is mentally ill.  After shutting out the Republicans in the House for four years when he was majority leader, he now is incredulous because the Republicans want to vote on the budget.  I just wish Cantor would have said "Hey Steny, why didn't you do your Constitutional duty and pass a budget last October when you owned all three budget branches big time?" Well he didn't but when I listen to Hoyer I know he is lying because his lips are moving.

America is in deep trouble because the Congress and almost all state governments have spent us into  oblivion.  Why the democrats can't get on board and help save the country and the states is beyond me.  There are of course a few rational democrats.  Cuomo of New York and ummm, well, Cuomo of New York seems to be a little rational.  How these democrats can get up on the House floor and lie through their teeth about almost every issue will hopefully be their downfall.  The American people need honest folks who want to stop using the credit card and impoverishing our future generations.

UPDATED 10:38 AM, Obama agrees, read THIS.

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