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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie, What Gives?

I started watching Two and a Half Men a couple of years ago.  I was instantly hooked.  It was so funny! The acting is very good and all cast members are seem to have the roles down to a tee.  Charlie Sheen's character has now been proven, in my opinion,  to be the real Charlie Sheen.  He is a troubled man and it appears he has unwittingly become the poster man of drug and alcohol abuse.I have liked Sheen and his brother ever since I saw their first movies.  Sheen over time turned into quite a funny fellow in many of his movies.  Same for his brother Emilio Estevez.  

As  womanizing, alcoholic who had little if any scruples, Charlie Harper, Sheen's character, was a target of many of my guffaws.  But, truth is stranger than fiction and we all got to see Sheen's private life up on the TV screen many times.  He now has become a buffoon but I would still invite him to visit my home for a meal and a talk.  He is doubling down on his notoriety this week.  I see it a couple of ways.  He is being outrageous in his interviews so he can get more interviews.  That allows him to show his producers that he is invaluable and they should give him a raise.  Only in Hollywood does this tactic seem to work.  The other track I see is a damaged man.  He, in his wild and crazy interviews and statements is showing us all how far gone he is.  He needs to seek help, maybe a vacation to a undisclosed location and get his brain right. I wish him well, and hopefully no harm will come to him.


  1. Michael R. KestiMarch 1, 2011 at 5:56 PM

    Lord, how I have come to despise the phrase "drug and alcohol abuse." If it weren't for what it does for its users' heads one could not give alcohol, perhaps the most abused of the recreational drugs, away for free. Yet, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, alcohol is legitimized and distinguished to the point where its status as a drug is denied.

    Hypocrisy is so ugly.

  2. I agree with that, but anything, even a Hostess Twinkie, when abused, can do you harm. Alcohol has been with humans from the beginning and it has always been a problem. Beer was apparently given as wages to the men who built the pyramids. I don't think humans will ever get it right with booze. It makes people crazy and funny and allows girls and guys to get away with things no sober person would do.

  3. And Jesus Christ's first recorded miracle was what?


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