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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EPA DUST POLICE, America has lost it's mind.

I was watching CSPAN this morning and Congressmen Ted Poe (R) of Texas stepped up to the podium for a five minute speech.  I was not familiar with the man, but as a CSPAN junkie, I watched and listened.  I was shocked!  He was talking about the EPA putting out regulations to control dust, anywhere in America!  HERE is his comments from the House floor.  Here is a link to his website.

I am so glad America has people like Poe and of course our own Congressman, Tom McClintock.  I am also glad we have CSPAN, created and funded by the cable TV companies.  How would we know about these absurd government regulations?  America is better than the EPA.  We need to defund the EPA and the other overreaching regulatory bodies created to tell us all how to live.  Poe also mentioned that Republican Rep. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, has filed an amendment to the Continuing Resolution to eliminate funding to the EPA for enforcing the dust regulations. Hooray!

What is it about the cancer of big government that would make them think they can even regulate dust from your own backyard?  These are the types of things that drive freedom loving people crazy.  While millions of people in the Middle East are fighting and dieing to gain freedom, our own government here is ratcheting down ours every day.  No more of this type of regulation, Here is his first speech on February 14, 2011 about the "dust police"

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