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Friday, February 4, 2011

Townhall Tonight a Success

I attended Congressman Tom McClintock's townhall meeting tonight at Hennessey School in the auditorium.  What a great turnout!  I guess there was 300 people?  Anyway, all were courteous and most were supportive.  He received a standing ovation on his entry and was applauded heartily many times throughout the meeting.  I have to say I have the same philosophy and many of the same views as he does.  I think the crowd of Americans did too.

I won't get into the issues because he has covered them well in the newspaper and in his mailers.  I was interested in his position on the debt ceiling and he did explain it in depth to us.  He is going to vote for a short term, say two months, raising while the Congress works on the offset spending cuts.  His explanation was reasonable and even the Tea Party fellow sitting next to me was fine with it.

Tom was gracious to everyone and he explained his positions well and clearly.  He let us know about his committee assignments and how the Congress was proceeding.  This is in contrast to the democrats doing everything in secret and hiding from their in-district townhalls because they have no guts.  It is refreshing to hear a politician speak who respects his constituents.

Hennessey School was my school from 1-6 grade.  Except for 2-3 at Grant.  I walked around a bit  and remembered the rainy day days we spent in the same gym running exercises back and forth in mock races.  I also remembered when I held Nancy Clinch's hand in the gym while watching a movie.  It was fifth grade.  I have memories there of Albert Ali, our PE teacher who was in a wheelchair then, he was young but stricken with a debilitating disease.  We all loved him.

Tom did a fine job and I was proud that all those concerned citizens turned out to hear him.  While some local liberal think we are a purple county, I could readily see we are a very red county.  We have a conservative base and it is large.  Anyone saying otherwise is just simply out of touch with reality.


  1. We are fortunate to have Tom as our representative. Common sense, intelligent and a handle on the truth that we all need to hear, over and over.

  2. It is refreshing to listen to a man with common sense as exhibited by Tom. I like his story on the eco nuts gang's tearing down four dams on the Namath to replace the electricity with solar panels. The crowd went wild! Also, the local leftwingnuts are apoplectic they have been relegated to the back of the SUV. Their tenor is shrill and nasty. Just a bunch of losers.

  3. As Tom said, the Town Hall attendance has not dropped after the election. If the 300 estimate is correct, the attendance is increasing. Tom is right, the American public is concerned and they are dedicated to restoring fiscal sanity in Washington!

  4. Since the left is always complaining that they do not have access to Tom, how many were at the Town Hall to ask questions?

  5. Other than Todd and Bob Crabb, I did not see any other people with whom we communicate online. No Pelline, Enos, et al. It would be nice for them to get out in the community and actually talk to the Congressman. Maybe they would learn something.

  6. They would be like a fish out of water. They are narcissists and when they are not the center of attention they don't know what to do. It is easier for them yo mingle with the few blue and purple people left in the county.

    I just got back from my fiancee's granddaughter's first birthday party. She was born three days before I got hurt and at two weeks she was diagnosed with a heart problem. She was transported from Reno to Las Vegas Children's and operated on by very competent doctors. The little thing was repaired after it was unclear if she would live. She is now a walking little wonder. Private health insurance paid the bills and the Ronald McDonald House took care of the family during the crisis. This restored my opinion that American doctors and medical treatment are the best and that because she was covered under private health care, she did not have to wait for some bureaucrat to OK anything. What a great country and medical system.

  7. Todd, that is a great story and I am very happy to hear that your fiancee's granddaughter is going to be OK.

    Barry, I saw Tom at the ERC mtg. so I skipped the Friday night affair. Reading in the Union today about his various visits during the past couple of days makes it clear that he had some very definitive talking points.

    I agree that it is disturbing that the county's left wing is not present at these meetings. I am going to be talking to some of those folks, especially in the environmental community, in the coming days to find out why they don't think it's important to meet with their Congressman, even if they are ideologically at odds.

    I am scratching my head on this one.

  8. conservative, eh? shame on you...........

    from your liberal


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