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Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily KOS Loons Raising Money for the Democrat Wisconsin Senators in Hiding

I like to keep track of the lefty nuts, here in Nevada County's blogosphere and elsewhere.  I am a registered recipient of the Daily KOS so I can keep track of their outraegeous behaviour.  I received this email from the KOS asking for money!  Here it is in red.  What a bunch of wimps.

Over the weekend, I sent an email asking you to support the 14 Wisconsin Democratic Senators who left the state to prevent Republicans from passing a bill that strips workers of their collective bargaining rights. Now, I’m emailing to ask you again.
There are 19 Republicans in the state Senate, but 20 Senators are needed for a quorum to pass the bill. If even one Democratic Senator returns to Wisconsin, s/he will be rounded up by the state police, brought to the state Capitol, and the bill will pass. If that happens, tens of thousands of workers will lose their rights.
Senate Republicans are pressuring the 14 Democrats by passing bills that require the presence of only 17 Senators. Further, groups funded by Wall Street are running television ads attacking the Dems.
The strain on these Democrats is immense. We must serve as a counterweight by providing tangible support. That’s why at Daily Kos we’ve added the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee to the Orange to Blue 2012 page. The sole purpose of this committee is to support the Democratic nominee in each of Wisconsin’s 33 state Senate districts.
Please, donate $14 to the Wisconsin Senate Democrats, $1 for each of the heroic Democratic Senators. Your contribution will make an immediate, substantive impact on a huge political fight.
In solidarity,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos


  1. Wonder if they will get up to the amount given by the Koch brothers?

  2. The Koch Brothers were 84th on the list of giving to political causes. Unions were 6 of the top ten. I would say the unions have the edge, wouldn't you?


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