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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey John Kerry, Taste That Irony?

The bum from Massachusetts has been handed a slap down by his own constituents.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving bum. I guess you can see I don't care mush for him.  Well, I don't.  I and many other Americans had to listen to this phony-baloney for too long.  I was hoping he would retire or run again and be defeated.  He just needs to shut up.

He is constantly attacking those that disagree with his radical lefty views.  Now he is getting a taste of what he dished out to real Americans over the years.  HERE is a little story about his woes just lately.  Of course, the press loves him since he is a liberal as they are so it is rare they will report anything negative on this bum (thanks FOX NEWS for doing so).  I have thought he was a traitor since he came back from a short stint in Vietnam and then trashed his fellow troops.  It did my heart good to see him put in his place by John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett Show on June 30, 1971.  HERE is the transcript of the show.  Though I didn't test the additional C-SPAN link, it may allow you to see the debate on streaming video. 

Kerry and Jane Fonda, now there is a pair of nuts.  I always found it curious that Teddy Kennedy would be the one to promote and push Kerry through the political process when Teddy's own brothers were military heroes.  It just showed me Teddy was also a nut and I lost all my respect for the Massachusetts voters until Scott Brown came along.  How could a populace keep electing a man who let a young woman drown and another one who has no respect for his own country?  Thank you George W. Bush for defeating Kerry in 2004.  Thanks to the Swift Boaters, the American people got reacquainted with why Kerry is unqualified to ever lead our country. 

Anyway, the bum for Mass. is receiving some of the same things he dished out over the years.  Anti-war protesters heckle him for his stand on Afghanistan, he is forced to apologize for calling anyone who disagrees with his pro global warming stance as "neanderthals" and he was caught trying to avoid his state's taxes on his yacht by registering it in another state.  The man is a true leftwing slimeball, an elitist and lover of the spotlight.  I do give him credit though, he has become a millionaire without ever having to work.  He just married money.  What a hypocrite.

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