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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SOTU Was a Bust

Well, gosh, ummm, oh, geeze. Yikes! It was not very good folks.  I came away with a big question.  How do you "win the future"?  What the heck does that mean?  I was disappointed but not surprised by  this dumbing down of a great opportunity by Obama.

I will leave the in depth analysis to others, that should take them about three minutes. Obama made me miss George W. Bush's SOTU's with this stinker.  America is drowning n debt, needs 15 million jobs and is drowning in regulations.  With that in mind I wanted to hear something more inspiring than solar roofing shingles.  I wanted to hear him lift the moratorium on Gulf Oil drilling, open up our  country's natural resources and deal with pensions and out of control public employee unions.  We got none of that.  We got a few stories and those were not even done very well.  I miss Reagan, and I hate to admit it but I even miss Clinton.  OMG! Obama has no clue on what to do about the economy.  He is a big government guy and it was right there for everyone to see tonight.

All the hand wringing about who was sitting where, who would attend and all this high school crap about members of Congress sitting next to each other for some ridiculous form of civility  turned out to be a big nothing.  I missed the view of the democrats jumping up and applauded every other word of Obama in the last SOTU while the republicans sat still.  Those were the days.  The cutesy attempt to show America that they could all be nice and not shoot spitballs at the teacher was a bust as far as I am concerned.

I always listen carefully to the words he, or any politician speaks for that matter.  If you pay attention most o the time you will hear the politicians attempt to hornswoggle us.  Like Obama saying he would consider lowering the corporate tax rate, now at 35% and the highest on the planet.  He said if it was deficit neutral (I think) then he would consider it.  He didn't say lowering or raising and he didn't say how or when.  He really didn't commit to anything.  Sort of like the definition of "is".  You really have to pay attention and in his case he really missed the boat about jobs.  That is the number one issue in the country.  But, it was his speech and he determines what is the most important thing to him.  Well America, you can now wake up to the most boring speech I have heard since Jimmy Carter.  We deserve much better.

Actually, the Ryan speech afterwards was pretty good.  It was 1/6 the length of the SOTU and he did his best to inspire us and reiterate freedom and capitalism as America's destiny.  He and the republicans now have to start governing and if I am right, they will get America back on track from that car Obama sent over the cliff.

Addendum the day after.
After reading the radical leftwing blogs about the speech, I have to believe these people are mentally ill.  They truly are in a fantasy land.  How they can take 9.5% unemployment as a success shows just one fact they have decided to spin into something to try and make Obama a success.  Amazing!


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