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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obamacare Graft and Favors Galore, The Big Elitist Liars

"The question remains: If Obamacare is such a great law, why does the White House keep protecting its best friends from it?" 

This is from the Washington Times article dated January 28, 2011.  Read it and weep you Americans suckered in by the ultimate shysters.  Obama is giving waivers to his own wonderful plan for all the rest of us, to his buddies.  SEIU got a waiver for the 27 million bucks it donated to Obama, and it gets worse. The article is HERE.

There are now over 700 Obama pals that have  received waivers.  The list was held in secret until the day after the SOTU.  It was help for a month.  Why?  In my view, the White House thought it would taint Obama's aura and he would be laughed off the podium if America knew he was giving the paybacks out for his election graft.  Business as usual for the "anointed one" it appears.

Of course, since his is the chosen one of the lamestream media, you know, all those college educated, smarter than the rest of us crowd, they don't make any hay out of this graft.  The lamers are still protecting Obama and will do so to the end of days.  They invested so much free column inches and TV specials on his behalf they can't risk telling us the truth because they wouldn't get access any more.  Even the local bragging leftwing blogger of the Democrat Newsletter can't keep his nose out of the Obama backside.  Nothing but the truth, the whole truth so help me God?  What has happened to our once valuable press?

America is only getting the truth because we now have alternatives to the liberal arts college educated reporters and Obama brown nosers.  Thank God we have the Internet, FOX, Rush and even Lars Larson!  I think we were all being held hostage by the liars from ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and CNN for so long, along with the major market newspapers and especially the AP, that they almost had us, turning us all into lemmings.  Well, the only lemmings now since we have been freed from the liberal news hegemony are the liberals of our country.  Actually, I really don't think liberals even consider themselves as Americans anyway, so they only matter in that we have to counter their lies.  This waiver business from Obamacare is going to blow up in their faces. We on the right and the indies and in the truth telling media will be there to publish all the tales of graft and deception. 

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