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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Come Yee, Come All, More Whiny Liberals

What makes  liberals and their politicians such a mass of whiny cry babies?  When did our country become so afraid of humor and sharp political discourse?  I guess from my perspective, this is the result of baby boomers and their sheltered, selfish upbringing.  Over my lifetime I have watched the ratcheting down of speech which would make Big Brother really proud.

We have a State Senator named  Leland Yee from San Francisco who is now the latest whiny liberal in charge of our poor state.  There are many articles from the lamestream press that think some humor from Rush Limbaugh speaking Red Chinese leader Hu's untranslated speech last week is, OMG, not politically correct!  Here is one article from the San Jose Mercury News. There was also a story on but it is not available for some reason.  Yee is an American of Chinese ancestry and judging from his compliant, I would say he is a real woos.  He claims the Limbaugh translation of the commie Hu's speech was sending him back to the mean streets of his youth.  He needs Prozac to deal with this I guess.

Yesterday Dennis Miller, the comedian and former SNL cast member, now with a radio talk show, was talking about this issue.  He too believes that Yee is a nut and whiner (look at some of his propsed laws).  Millers said , and this is from my memory, "How could Yee or any Asian be a democrat since a democrat FDR, put the Japanese citizens in concentration camps during WW2"?  He went on as he does with his rants which are usually right on the mark.  How could Yee be upset with a humorous mocking of a Red Chinese Hu's speech and yet overlook the real stuff like concentration camps?  My God Yee, grow some cajones!

When you watch the attached video you can see Rosie O'Donnell doing the same thing as Rush did and she gets a bunch of laughs from her View audience.  The difference?  Rosie is a liberal democrat.  So I would just say to Mr. Yee, get some thicker skin man, grow a pair and lighten up.  We all get mocked, just look what you and your ilk say about the Tea Party Patriots and you don't hear them whining. 

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