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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberals are Being Rejected By the American People

America is doing a mental review of itself and the amazing part is every American is the psychiatrist!  Liberals though are too busy smoking the funny plants to be paying attention. Liberals are being rejected at every turn, they seem to be unable to accept their rejection so they do their normal behaviour.  They lash out and lie.

The local left does this in just about every post.  Conservatives have decided this is not acceptable any more.  We used to turn the other cheek but that didn't work.  We tried to discuss things with liberals in a calm and rational way but they rejected that as well.  Now, we conservatives return the lies to the pit of hate of liberalism. We have decided we are not going to be lied about anymore.  We are not the nuts, the left is the home of the nut.

The left believes global warming to be real and caused by man.  We don't, we had to fight them for 20 years to prove them wrong and expose why they wanted AGW to be accepted.  Power and money were their reasons.  We knew it all along.  Hundreds of billions of dollars have been sent down the drain by the politicians fearful of the liberal liars assertions.  It was always just the weather. But the left tried to shut us up and even destroyed or altered scientific data to fool everyone.  We found out and freedom of speech prevailed.

Free speech is the latest lie by these liberals.  They have always claimed they were the protectors of speech yet as it turns out it is we, the conservatives who practice it.  The liberals burn conservative newspapers on college campuses, they shout down conservative speakers at college forums and throw pies and shoes at them.  They burn store fronts in cities holding conferences on the world's economy and attack the police and harm innocent bystanders.  They threaten David Horowitz because he exposes them and their tax paid college professors who don't allow anyone in their classes with conservative views.  If the college kid speaks up he gets a F.

The left is desperate.  The heinous shooting by a nut of those poor people and the Congresswoman is the liberals latest attempt to try and shut up the right.  They made it political right from the git-go and then cried a river when the nation rejected their attempts.  Local liberal bloggers are a fine example of the delusional; liberal philosophy.  Nasty and mean spirited ad hateful to anything conservative.  They spread the lies but we countered them with the truth and the American people believed us.  The liberal is on its way to the dustbin of history.  It is anti freedom, pro government and Americans don't like them.  The latest attempt at shutting up their opposition is in my opinion the biggest stake in the heart of the liberal vampires yet.


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