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Monday, January 10, 2011

Shooting Exposes the Vacuous Liberal Mind

I have been following the news and reading the blogs about the tragic shooting of a Arizona Congresswoman, and the other unfortunate people at the Safeway in Tucson on Saturday. Almost immediately the left wing started the finger pointing and accusatory attacks on conservatives, talk radio and TV and any other right side of political groups. They were to quick to make this event a political one when it was not.

Local liberal blogs started it quickly too. Steve Frisch, the liberal from Truckee started it on the left wing blog of the former Union editor, Jeff Pelline. Rather than telling Mr. Frisch he was out of line and premature, Pelline joined in on the vitriol and did his part to fan the flames. Then as the truth emerged about the shooter, these liberal nuts were and are unable to backtrack to the truth. So, they travel around the conservative blogs and whine about the name-calling and vitriolic language while they are the ones actually doing it. These people need help and here is a link they can go to for that help.


Rather than admitting they were wrong and the shooter was a nut, these liberals play the denial game. We try to straighten them out with the truth, the links and the TV and news stories but they will have no of it. Is it any wonder they are being marginalized in America? Their blog numbers are crumbling, their hero's, Pelosi, Obama and Reid, the ACLU and Daily KOS, are all running for cover.

Conservatives are good people. They abhor violence and have roundly condemned the shooter. Conservative tell the truth about this act and have done their best to keep politics out of it. But we now have a way to respond to liberal lies with these blogs, radio and TV and so we can meet the challenge of making sure the liberal liars message is answered with the truth.

So, left wingers no longer have the hegemony of the media to spread their lies and propaganda to America. We on the right have met them and we are prevailing. The truth will out.



  2. All they are asking for is hearings. Are you afraid of the truth?

  3. The truth from a liberal is not possible. If you want the truth travel over to the Heritage Foundation.

  4. BTW, we are talking about free speech here and the hearing you are asking for from the left is theater only.

  5. "I condemn the use of violent speech and violent imagery in American politics."

    Come on now, say it....I know you can say it.....just put your lips together and pretend you give a damn about anyone other than yourself.....

    Baby state all over again....

  6. Come on now Steve, say it, you can do it. I love conservatives, come on now it isn't too hard. Oh, Big Government tax taker, now I get it.

  7. Todd, your analysis is right on. Ignore the idiots. They are like children learning some lessons the hard way. It hurts, I feel their pain, but I will never turn from the truth.....even when it hurts.

  8. Frisch: You were absent when Manchin was walking around with a gun in his campaign ads. You were absent when Obama called Republicans the enemy. Please. You are a political opportunist seeking to further divide America. Good job.


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