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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dupnik the Dumkauf, a Typical Liberal Liar

The Arizona Sheriff of Pima County, Arizona was interviewed by Wolf Blitzed of CNN and you can see it HERE. You have to hear a fifteen second profit break though before the interview so you liberals may not want to go there.

Dupnik is the best example of a liberal hack anyone can see or hear.  I give Blitzer credit for pressing the Sheriff to tell us where and what evidence he has to back up his earlier claims that Rush, Sarah, Beck and FOX were to  blame for the murders committed by Loughner.  He was asked a number of times for that evidence and each time the Sheriff said he had none.  Blitzer then asked him if he still stayed with his comments.  Yes he said.  If anyone wants to see and hear the lunacy of the left, this Sheriff is Nutty 101.  How irresponsible.

The Sheriff has undermined his own police force.  He has prejudiced his own investigation.  The Sheriff is now claiming he is considering increased security for himself.  He says the shooter was a stalker of Gifford  yet he did nothing to stop Loughner over a three year period.  I think that is why the Sheriff has come out with his lie because he is actually at fault and is trying to deflect and blame others for his lack of professionalism (the liberal SOP).  It will be interesting to see if there are any reports to his office from Gifford's staff or her asking him for protection.  If there is then this incompetent Sheriff needs to retire and allow someone with smarts to take the job.

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