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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Racial Politics Has Worked for Democrats, but Maybe not MuchLonger

This WSJ opinion piece by James Taranto caught my eye and when you read it with an open mind you will probably agree with his assessments.  I have watched the left use race as a way to perpetuate the myth of conservatives being racists for many years.  It is simply race hustling for votes.

With the election of some new black republican Congressmen in the South, and other minority Governors in South Carolina, Nevada and elsewhere, we conservatives are going to convince people the democrat hegemony of their vote is not in their best interest as Americans.  We on the right could care less about a persons color and ethnic background.  Democrats thrive on racial distrust and foster it to gain votes.  They have attempted to "Balkanize" America and have succeeded with their hate for a while now.

You can read the full article HERE.

The story follows the Joe Scarborough bashing of Sarah Palin, analyzed by Taranto. 

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  1. The liberal dribble for votes among minorities is starting to be uncovered, and actually publicized by none other than democrats. They pander and whore themselves out for the vote, making promises they can't keep, and with no way to pay for for them. I find it entertaining that Michael Moore is being highly critical of Obama. Those who voted for Obama are discovering he can't walk on water.


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