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Monday, December 20, 2010

Politically Correct? Liberals are Total Frauds!

American of good will are finally saying enough.  Enough to the liberal elite who continually judge everyone with a different point of view.  If you are a liberal, or a purple head, you are a hypocrite of the worst kind.  Americans are tired of being chastised by the left for everything from trans fat to anchor babies.  We on the right have common sense, the left has three cents, they are bankrupt of tolerance.

I find it interesting the left has always portrayed themselves as the tolerant ones  but if you disagree with them, all guns (oops, they don't like guns), I mean lawyers, will be sicked on you.  One of my personal heroes is David Horowitz.  He was the son of radical communists and he was raised as a communist.  He was a radical who became a part of the Black Panthers as an advocate and supporter back in the 60's.  He was a leftist to the Nth degree.  When the Black Panthers murdered some people for political reasons, Horowitz had a conservative epiphany and became a staunch anti-liberal.

I have followed him over the years because I was an acquaintance with a writing partner of his who lived here in Nevada County.  My memory is a bit fuzzy but I recall that person was Peter Collier. Don't hit me if I got that wrong.  Horowitz has become a one man conservative truth telling machine and the left hates his guts.  He confronts the liberal straight on at college campii and other venues.  He warns everyone of the falsity of the liberal philosophy.  He is protested, shouted down, thrown at with pies and threatened endlessly by those peace loving lefties.

Horowitz just keeps on ticking though, and I have been oh so proud of him at every turn.  He also defends Israel from the attacks of the liberals who overwhelmingly support the murderous terrorists of the Palestinian state.  This has made him a target of extremists as well.  I supply a link to Horowitz on my recommend list.

Locally, the loony leftwingnuts on the other PC blogs just ramble on about how no one should have a contra opinion to their brilliance.  They mock and make fun of those they disagree with and somehow, these liberal losers exhibit a silly sense of superiority over everyone else.  If you say for instance, homosexuals should remain anonymous within the military, you are a bigot and a neanderthal.  They, the liberal, want their warriors to be fighting the enemy for them while sipping latte' in the foxhole.  Yikes.  Or, even down to having their ACLU buddies sue schools for allowing young people to wear a Stars and Stripes on their shirts at school while never condemning the flags of other counties.  Little thing ad up with the liberal, they are trying to indoctrinate America in their fallacious ideology.  We conservatives fight their attempts with the truth and we experience the slings and arrows but we will prevail.  The truth will out.


  1. There you have it from the horse's asses mouth-- if you drink latte's your gay:)

    Steve Frisch

  2. I prefer my cafe Ameicano.

  3. SteveF, what is your opinion of Horowitz? I thought you all were for "dialog" like you state on your Kings Beach "Project".

  4. I'm still trying to figure out how you got your doctor to sign off on Captain Crunch. My doc cut that out of my diet YEARS ago. I'm jealous.

  5. I am not telling the doc, I feel guilty. NOT!

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  7. Horowitz is superb, thank you for the reminder. The tide is moving back to the right, and this fact will be affirmed when Obama is sent packing in two years. The more I am exposed to liberal thought, the more I lean to the right.....they like to eat their own.


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