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Monday, December 20, 2010

Census Results Coming Soon

Every ten years we get to redo the seats of power in America with the census.  Here is a article I found explaining what may happen with the count and how it affects the balance of power.

Texas and some other Sunbelt states will probably pick up additional republicans while the northeast and Midwest will lose some democrat seats.  With the republicans in control of governorships and State Houses after the sweeps of November 2, 2010, I think the right will be a lot more evident in the halls of power.  With a California Redistricting commission, even we may have a more fair distribution of seats.  We will see.

Update December 21, 2010.

There is another round of articles, one which is here, that the census will bode ill for the democrats and be a boon to the republicans.  We can only hope!

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