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Friday, December 3, 2010

Democrats Become Republicans! Voila!

All across America conservative democrats are saying adios to their party and becoming full fledged republicans.  The story is here.

I used to know some conservatives democrats, Reagan democrats I guess, and some stayed in the D party and some moved to the R party.  What they shared though, regardless, was fiscal and in many cases social conservatism.  Many people are D's because their parents were.  Also, I have always joked that as soon as a young person gets their first paycheck, expecting a full check and getting 25% less because of taxes, the world smacks them upside the head and they are on the road to being a conservative.  Liberal silver spooners seem to be the only ones that are not affected since mommy and daddy are supplying the dough.

Anyway, I digress.  13 more D's jumped ship at the state level and in one case, the Louisiana House is now 51-50 R.  Yeah!  This number is added to the 675 other switches on election day and 19 houses as well.  Ballotpedia is also a good place to see the results of the democrats crushing defeat last month.  California will be different in 2012 and maybe even Massachusetts.  We can only hope.


  1. You beat me. I was just getting ready to post this too!

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  4. OK Todd, I got the $$$$ for you! Todd pulled it first!


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