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Saturday, December 4, 2010

2012 Predictions for the Political Landscape

I know it is just a month after we Republicans and the American people took the democrats and their left wing agenda to the woodshed, but hey, why not take a stab at 2012?  Liberals have infested the once great Democrat party and have become predictably marginalized by their anti-American, pro everything we don't as a majority stand for and have therefore made predicting outcomes much easier.

I had a excellent set of victories in the Propositions, good State picks for our County, state Assembly and Senate, and Congress.  I had great success in the national scene as well.  I lost some too but I can't always be totally correct, can I?

Obama will lose
US Senate becomes Republican majority
 US House, Republicans pick up 8 seats
Four more Governors
Six more State Houses
California will elect 5 more Assemblymen and 3 State Senators.
If Diane Feinstein runs she will be defeated but I think she will retire.

There you have it. 


  1. It will interesting to see how redistricting changes the landscape and whether the Democrat controlled CA legislatre will challenge the commission of the people in court.

  2. Todd, good bevy of predictions. Now here's another prediction problem for you. Make a slate of Repub presidential candidates for 2012. Then allocate 100 marbles among them, the number of marbles each gets is their percent chance of winding up in the White House. As time goes by, you can reallocate the marbles to reflect developing reality.

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