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Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Ramblings

What a year 2010 has proven to be.  A lot of people, mostly left wing journalist's (which most are), had reveled in glee the demise of the conservative and the ideology which accompanies them.  What a single election can bring!

America is quite a resilient country.  When many of the leftwingnut fringe, even those nuts here in our little county,  were chortling about the triumph of the policies of Obama/Reid/Pelosi, we on the right were planning their political defeat.  The press was harrumphing the Obamacare fiasco, belittling the critics of socialized medicine,  and making fun of the Tea Party.  Then the American people booted them on November 2, 2010.  The press went into full help Obama mode, just like they did to get him elected in 2008.  Obama knuckled under to the conservative positions even though he still had huge majorities in both houses of Congress.  The press acted as if he didn't and portrayed Obama as a victor in the art of compromise, all the while Republicans could do nothing to stop any legislation until January.  The press carries Obama's water, even when the need not.  Disgraceful.

In other issues, the right also gained many victories but lost a few as well.  Obamacare, EPA hegemony, FCC overreach on Internet freedom and the global warming hoax were all debated and some acted upon.  Global warming is a hoax because we who have watched and debated it for 15 years knew it was simply a way to get tax money into the hands of phony baloney scientists who sold out their profession.  The Easy Anglia emails proved we were telling the truth about these well paid tax supported charlatan's. The EPA decided to declare CO2 a pollutant and have now made every single American a lawbreaker by the very act of breathing.  Silly?  Nothing is to stupid for government regulation anymore. Obamacare was passed without a single republican vote and the press, ever whining that bipartisanship was lacking, was silent on their condemnation of the measure.  The press injured its lousy reputation as "middle if the road" even worse because of their blatant hypocrisy.

Other people will have their lists which will provide us all with their top ten priorities of success or failure in politics, business, sports and culture.  I will let them have at it.  My top ten list is a secret.
I am a political junkie so you have to forgive me if you aren't.  The people have risen up and said ENOUGH!  Our country is in jeopardy because of debt, deficits and spending.  We have seen the political class, mostly from the left, bring America to the brink.  Rather than attacking spending, this administration, and many states for that matter, have doubled down and spent more!  This undermines reason and places all of us in a position where we lack any confidence in our leaders to fix the mess.  I once was told why would you go to the source of the problem for the solution?  Well, how true is that?  We have to remove the politicians who have become too big for their britches.  Mostly the left, some on the right.  Citizens representatives need apply.

We must also change a few other basics as well.  No more public employee unions, overhaul civil service to remove the deadwood, no more tenure, and no more grants and loans for at least five years from the public coffers. Roll back spending to 2001 levels, prior to 9/11, and review all sources of money and fees for fairness.  Convert our tax system to a national consumption tax, requiring a 2/3rd's vote for any change, and bring our troops home from around the world.  Well, these ramblings are just the tip of the iceberg, we blogger do like to yap a lot about most things, so I will probably have more yapping later about 2010. 

Oh, and one more thing.  The left is on the run, their mouthpieces in the blogosphere and the press are marginalized and even in Nevada County, the extreme fringe  leftwing is licking its wounds from the national defeat.  California will follow and the people will have totally rebuked the left for their lying ways.   I predict 2011 will be a worse year for the lamestream media, the local extreme left blogs and non profit rent seeking leeches. Yahoo!


  1. Time to tighten job descriptions for some elected writes left wing blogger jeffpelline.

    Aaron Klein was elected to become a College Trustee (at Sierra College) without a college degree.

    Sue Horne was elected to become county Assessor without experience in the Assessor’s Office. She also does not have a four-year college degree.

    Both government positions require some unique experience and skills, where a formal education would be helpful, just as in the private sector.

    I guess, you have to have graduated from a left wing university to qualifed for government office under these new proposed rules.

  2. The FUE is not even qualified to write about those hardworking people. He has embodied the fruition of the "Peter" Principle. LOL.

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