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Friday, November 19, 2010

Liberals Always Lie

What is it about liberals that they can never fess up and tell the truth.  I have been fascinated by this affliction shown by the left here and around the country.  After listening to them for 35 tears I must conclude it is a genetic disease which afflicts them.  They have a built in aversion to truth.  I think it must make them physically sick if a kernel of truth makes it to the back of their throats.

Not only do liberals lie constantly, they are consummate name callers.  They have exhibited that trait here on my little blog.  Rather than discuss the wonder of Susan Boyle and her talent, they choose to call me names.  Mostly I delete them because they use the infamous four letter words. day after day, but thank you Google for the delete button.  I am never surprised at the low stature in society these losers possess.  Is it any wonder people all across America booted the liberal butts from Congress and 680 legislative seats?  People of good will are sick of the arrogance, foul language, PC,  lying and just plain childishness of a liberal. The democrats have discovered to their chagrin that the liberal has demeaned their party, caused American voters to reject them and relegated them to the back of the car.  Maybe if we conservatives are lucky, the democrats will become so irrelevant we only read about them in the history books.


  1. Todd:

    In my humble opinion, you are being perhaps too harsh in your summary of the liberal mind-set.

    They don’t “lie”. I agree “People of good will are sick of the arrogance”
    This might explain some of the success of the ‘Tea Party” movement.

    However, there is a deeper reason for the liberal steadfast holding on to a position that will ultimately prove to be an empty bucket.

    They truly feel in their heart of hearts they are on the ‘right’ path. It’s like a religious experience for them, almost to the same intensity you and I may feel regarding our position.

    Fortunately, the “right” is right when we step back far enough to examine the issues in a perspective conducive to sound analysis.

    How many times have we all changed our positions to a greater or lesser degree? It takes time. I say we give liberals the time necessary for the opportunity to develop sound reasoning based on life experiences.

    Most of them may come around with the passing of time, within their personal life time, because they can only examine the span of their own years on this Earth.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, elect to take into account the importance of history.

  2. Mike, some good points but it is my experience of 40 years trying to deal with them and their touchy-feely philosophy that makes me believe they are hopeless. They seem to have a built in answer when a perceived problem arises. They want everyone to follow them and their advice even when the evidence is unproven or non existent. Global warming is a good example. Even though they have no concrete proof, they admonish us and tell us all, "well, what if" and shouldn't we err on the side of caution. Well, no, they want to control people and this is ow they do it. They turn the AGW argument unto "air pollution", "ozone" and other mechanisms to scare people into compliance. The latest is their tried and true "big cats" are going extinct. They trot that one out whenever they need money and I guess they need money.

    So, even though am optimistic liberals may someday come to reason with the correct world's view, I sincerely doubt they will. It is in their DNA. LOL.


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