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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Democrats Lose Two More!

Texas and New York have picked up two more conservative Congressional seats.  This from Townhall today.

"Democratic Texas Congressman Solomon Ortiz has conceded defeat to Republican newcomer Blake Farenthold.
Ortiz's concession came late Monday, after a South Texas recount confirmed he had lost a House seat he held for nearly three decades.
The 73-year-old congressman said that although he hadn't seen official results, he believed he picked up about 150 votes in the recount _ but still lost to Farenthold by about 650.
Farenthold is the former owner of a computer consulting business and a self-described "sidekick" on local talk radio. He received strong support from tea party activists in a district that stretches from Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast to Brownsville on the border with Mexico."


"A sixth Democratic House seat in New York fell to Republicans on Tuesday when freshman incumbent Dan Maffei conceded he could not overcome his opponent's narrow lead.
The Republican, Ann Marie Buerkle, will be the first woman to represent central New York's 25th Congressional District.
Maffei, who defeated Dale Sweetland to win the seat in 2008, called Buerkle to concede Tuesday, ending three weeks of ballot inspections, recounting and court wrangling.
"I want to thank him for doing what is in the best interests of the district," she told the Syracuse Post Standard. They agreed to work together for a "seamless transition."
Maffei trailed by 567 votes in the unofficial count of votes cast on election night and by absentee ballot. The two campaigns challenged the validity of 392 ballots, not enough to turn the race.
The vote total stands at 104,374 for Buerkle and 103,807 for Maffei."

So a couple more with a couple more and pretty soon things will get better.  California is still the mess.  All incumbents won I believe.  Tragedy.

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