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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GOP Enthusiam Huge, Democrats Not!

This current Gallup story here and its implications could lead to a major sweep even in California.  If the conservative base turns out in California, we could be looking at real problems for democrats.  Democrats usually have a substantially lower turnout than republicans but because there are more democrats they prevail.  It won't take a very large increase to make a republican mass victory party.  So all you conservatives, get out and VOTE! Even in Nevada County, so called, middle of the road voters are going to be swept up in the conservative tsunami.


  1. Not only are Democrats to have a projeced low turnout (as usual), Obama is running to the LEFT! That does not make any sense???

  2. Hold your horses, there may be some validity to the prospect of the marijuana issue drawing more of the youth vote this off-season. And they will vote democrat.

  3. Mike,
    Why don't you post a blog item on your argument for legalizing marijuana? The community would benefit from your perspective.

  4. I would bet that any turnout generated by Prop 19 would be offset by turnout generated from Prop 23...

  5. Barry,
    That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Thanks!

  6. Barry, you could be right, as is Mike. Wedge issues sometimes bring folks out. The single issue motivates them.

  7. No tickey, no laundry.....

  8. What you don't understand is that little old gray haired grandmas smoke pot. Probably more than any other group - R or D. It's not a political issue, even tho you want it to be. Prop. 19 helps old people who would benefit from growing a plant in their yard. It protects anyone who wants to pursue this form of getting high or stopping pain. Personal self-use is the way to go. Let American's be free - right? Prohibition protects no one, not kids, not old people, not sick people. The MJ laws no longer serve anyone except LE and prisons - which btw are over-crowded, dangerous, corrupt, and sucking the economy dry.

    It's not about corporations moving in to take the little guy down, as corporations here are impotent, or flaccid, if you will. If passed, Prop. 19 takes all the juice out of law enforcement and puts the weed into the hands of the citizens. Will corporations want to move in to supply smokers in other states - I doubt it. Grow lights grow the herb any and everywhere. As California goes - so goes the world.

    Prop. 19 will pass and it should. This is not a wedge issue. It's an important issue. R and D will cast their vote with no regard to party affiliation. Those who vote, will vote, and Prop. 19 has nothing to do with age. Isn't this the freedom you claim to want? Americans making up their minds on their own without government interference?

    EJ DeMira


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