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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell is Still in Place

DADT was defeated today when 60 votes were not garnered to close debate in the US Senate.  That is called cloture and the left could get only 56 to support cloture and two democrats voted against.  Even Obama's pick to lead the Marines is against lifting DADT.  You can read the story here.

This policy (DADT) is as close as homosexuals have been able to get in their quest to be allowed openly into the military. The polls of military personnel show time and again their opposition to homosexuals in the military.  Most are concerned with morale and the stress of deployments that last for extended times. I agree with the troops on this one.  We must not jeopardize our military readiness and fighting capabilities with the distractions of sexuality issues. We should not force our military to become PC and if anyone pays attention to PC they can see how messed up it has made things in our country. So I say thank you for those NO votes. Support our troops.


  1. The bill also contained Harry Reid's attempt at amnesty for illegal aliens. What a guy!

  2. I have to wonder what the local evangelical group would think about your discrimination or this group? Is this what your "god" would support?

  3. You should read the bill. Then when you are informed we can discuss. DADT is highly supported by the military rank and file.


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