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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Republicans Release Draft of New Pledges To Americans

With a proven winner from 1994, the Contract With America, here  Republicans have released a draft of a Pledge Manifesto which will be fully released on Thursday.  You can read some of the pledges here .

I was expecting this to happen becaise the American people needed it.  To be able to see in writing from the very people we would send to DC to implement it is smart politics and pragmatic too. The Republicans are not afraid to discuss policy. The democrat party is deathly afraid to stand up and take credit for their votes, they are a disgrace.  Just as the democrats dodged townhalls last year and this August they have dodged taking credit for their votes on Obamacare, cap and tax and many other issues.  They can't even pass a budget (seems the are following liberal California's lead on that).

Many Americans wait until two weeks before elections to begin making their decisions about who to vote for.  This Republican set of pledges should arrive at just the right time.


  1. The Pledge will be available for dispersal soon.

  2. Is that like the planes that disperse manure over the fields?

  3. "Everybody can relax and stop worrying. After two years of race-baiting, fear-mongering and legislative roadblocking, the Republican Party has finally produced a blueprint that will undoubtedly fix everything. In the spirit of Newt Gingrich's 'Contract with America,' the GOP on Thursday unveiled a 21-page document titled 'Pledge to America' that, they hope, will be the banner to which the American people will rally come November. It's the biggest thing since the Magna Carta, if you listen to them tell it, and will surely be the solution to all that ails us. Or not. It is, in full, a startlingly vapid piece of work."

  4. Actually I would have preferred a more in your face document but I am just a country boy. I would like you to list some of the National Democrat manifesto's which may be of more interest to you. Oh, that's right, they don't have one. So, democrats just get verbals from their leaders.

  5. The Republicans have produced a very weak document mostly based on Bush's policies, and stole a few things from the Democrats Health Reform Bill, then printed it. They have no plan that is worth anything except for the paper it's printed on. How long did it take the Republicans to come up with something? Anything at all? Now this? Jokes on you! Duped again!

    Bush's policies are what got us in this mess and the Republicans want the Middle Class to continue to eat it. Not gonna happen. The Republicans have produced Sharron Angle the whacko, O'Donnell the crook, Rand Paul the racist and many more who teeter on the Right edge of the cliff. Most Americans are in the middle and the Hard Right are headed for a hard fall.

    The media (corporate media I might add) laps up the devisions and divisiveness between us, and is gleeful when one of the Right or Left makes a poor decision. Just more grist for the media mill.

    So the beat goes on, and on - Bend over for corporate America - the real losers win!

  6. America is a great place but we have people in charge today are trying to change it to be something none of us, at we on the right, recognize. Bush was far from perfect but Obma is from a different planet. His policies and the people he has placed in command are ruining this country so fast it makes my head spin. Perhaps you should go down to the NCRCC headquarters and volunteer to help take back America. You might feel better.

  7. I feel fine with the efforts of President Obama and his policies. Thank god someone recognizes that we can't go back or stand still. We need a new way to produce energy to keep our butts warm, our gardens watered, and our roads and bridges fixed.

    If you accept the the Republican invitation to Tea you are adopting the status quo. Obama is not ruining the country - he is taking us to a place no one recognizes, nor should we since it's NEW! We have never been here, like this, before. We have no choice but to go forward. Change is the only thing you can count on. I'm betting on a new America.

    The Koch brothers and corporate America own you, and you, at your own peril, don't get it. If change makes your head spin that sounds like a personal problem not a result of where we are going as a country.


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