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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Election day plus one

Lots of things to digest.  Statewide it looks like the Democrats (Pelosi) targeting of their seven Republican congressional districts is a flop.  One place they may pick up is Darrel Issa's district where he retired this go-around. Otherwise, we saw a good turnout of R's and not much from the D's.  John Cox will go against Newsome and that will be quite the battle.  Hopefully, Trump will come to visit and do some rallies for Cox.  Nancy Pelosi won big of course in her gerrymandered district and some of the other democrat districts show the numerous illegal immigrants were in play. 

Locally we saw Dan Miller win and retain his District Three seat on the BOS.  Thank goodness.  Hillary Hodge is totally unqualified to lead the post.  The people saw that and rejected her.  Diaz won re-election to the Clerk-Recorder even though this election program seems to be a real cluster-f***.  Hopefully, we will go back to voting in a booth at a local place and use paper ballots. But Diaz got an overwhelming victory so hats off to him.

It looks to me there is no "blue wave" on the horizon.  In fact I think there is a "red wave" coming and the democrats will be relegated nationally to back-benchers for a while.  California is a tough place though.  But I look forward to the lawsuits coming challenging redistricting and fairness.  How can the democrats have 44% of the registered voters and have 68% of the seats?  We will see.

Nationally I see the House and Senate retained and then some real progress for America and the working class.  Trump has changed things in politics and in my view it is good for the country.


  1. Another election fail from Diaz. Diaz pushed to spent an additional $258,000 of taxpayers money to be one of five Voter's Choice Act counties for the primary election. As expected it was a total screw up and waste of money and the vote results are still far away and Diaz, Yubanet and the FUE are blaming and insulting the voters that waited until election day to vote. You can't make this BS up! Once again Diaz has screwed up and wasted taxpayers money.

    1. The FUE and his pals are total loons. Blaming the voters is soo funny. Next they will blame the murder victims for their murder.


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