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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Chris Enss hits the nail on the head regarding sexual harassment and lies

It was nice to read some common sense today in the Union.  Chris Enss is a local author and comedian I have known for many years.  She was my entertainment for the Nevada County  Republican Central Committee Spring Dinner back in the 90's.  She made some jokes that the audience did not like, but I did.  She was not afraid to let people see themselves as they really are. I recall the gasps and empty stares but I have forgotten the jokes.  So she is not one to pull her punches.

I have not seen her for many years but I read about her books on the women of the west.  She supports women and their struggles but seems to be a pragmatist about fairness and truth.  Here is her article.

She makes the point that we must be careful in making allegations about others and their behavior.  Sometimes people lie to get something and they use vile means to achieve that.  We have a system of laws and we all say, left and right, that we are innocent until proven guilty in our republic.  We all say that and you know it is true.  So how come we are throwing so many people under the bus for allegations about sexual misconduct?  Because many people like to judge others and these salacious allegations are a good cover to toss out the "law".  I try not to do that.  But even I have succumbed a few times.

What started out as a lefty attack on Judge Roy Moore of Alabama by the Washington Post has morphed into so many lefty people biting the dust it makes my head spin.  Remember the old saying "be careful what you wish for"?  Well, it now appears the left is the den of perversion and they are dropping like the flies.  The attempt to take out Moore has opened up a nationwide discussion on this issue.  Men and women are usually looking for each other for relationship, marriage, and sex.  Been that way since the cave.  Some people use their positions in power to take advantage of others and gain favors.  Men do it.  Women do it.  The Producer Harvey Weinstein did it a lot.  But we all know about the "casting couch".  And yet nothing was ever done to curtail its use.  And then we have all heard about female "gold-diggers".  Women who use their sexual prowess to gain a man and his wealth.  Old as the hills.  Cleopatra comes to mind.

And we all have been guilty of trying to gain the attention of the opposite sex.  Remember the boys on one side of the gym and the girls on the other during dance lessons in ninth grade?  Sure you remember.  And hoping that girl would glance at you and say yes.  Come on.

So the men and women that expose their perversions and bad sexual habits are now on the front page.  We assume no one would make a claim of abuse if it were not true.  But we also know people will do some really bad things to gain wealth or a bag of money.  We know that is true.  So Chris warns that we need to be careful and not sweep innocent people into the net by lies.

I have noted a few times lately about the 80's and "daycares".  A hysteria consumed our country about abuse of children. Supposedly there was widespread abuse by the providers and many were arrested and jailed.  Some committed suicide.  Years later we learned that most of the allegations were fabricated and the children recanted when they grew up.  Can we say "Salem witch hunts"?  So we must be careful and that is what I took away from Chris's column.

Remember and practice restraint in our emotional allegations.  If you don't and the "mob" prevails, no one will be safe from the big lie.


  1. Well the San Francisco court found the five to six times convicted illegal Mexican not guilty in the death of Kate Steinle but guilty of possessing a firearm.
    My thoughts on this ruling by the court:

    K, a Glock 23, 40 S&W, note the two triggers. 1 time out of a 1,000 so never I never chamber a round when I carry it as there is no safety other than the two triggers so I don't chamber a round until I pull it out of the holster and when chambered then there is no other safety.
    I believe the weapon that killed Kate Steinle was a Sig Sauer 40 S&W, that has and additional safety as well.
    Whether he stole it from a BLM Park Rangers SUV or what ever, he had it in his possession and had to chamber a round de- activate the safety and it would discharge if dropped a 1,000 times. If the bullet struck concrete or what ever it would have been deformed by previous impact and thats bullshit to the 10th power.
    The Pinchie Puto Mexican fired into them no doubt, but the investigation was bullshit as well as the District Attorney was told to stand down as they did not want a civil law suit filed by Kate's Parents.
    That that little gutless turd Jeff Sessions should institute a Federal Grand Jury investigation as this is without doubt a hate crime.

    We used to go to San Francisco two or three times a year and especially go to Union Square before Christmas and always stay at the Mark Hopkins Hotel across from the Fremont.
    Not now as The City by The Bay is a piece of shit. I refuse to wear a flack jacket and if they caught me carrying my Glock they would throw my white legal ass in jail.

    News Flash, a bunch of conservative folks up here are petitioning the Board of Supervisors to classify Nevada County / Nevada City / Grass Valley not a Sanctuary City. Hope that happens.
    I thank God Trump is President and he is doing a great job, against all odds but he is prevailing.

  2. Very good and true article. Thanks Todd

  3. He initially told the cops he was shooting at a seal. And a Sig won't fire unless you pull the trigger, no safety required due to the design that prevents accidental shootings. I see the verdict as having the "O.J. effect"....the jurors wanted to send a message to the Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly's (old rich white men) of the world and to hell with the evidence. The judge admonished the jury on several occasions to not allow prior knowledge, politics, etc. to enter into their decision-making process. He knew in his heart they would...of course they would. But they would never dare admit way. Blacks have been wrongly persecuted, illegals have become punching bags.....I'm not all that surprised at the verdict, considering we are talking San Francisco values. He got off claiming the gun fired all by itself, and O.J. got off because he was famous, he never had to explained how Nicole's blood got on his sock found in his bedroom.

    1. First you have to chamber a round. I thought the Sig had a safety, but am sure it does. If it is similar to a Glock which has no safety other than the dual triggers and you never chamber a round until you draw it.
      The rest of your statements are BS and conjecture.
      Blacks and illegals are not punching bags.
      Why even mention Trump, O'Reilly or O.J. as those statements are in left field. But it seems you are a lefty politically. Get familiar with a Sig as you are not. San Francisco the city of was afraid a guilty sentence would open them up to a lawsuit. The family of the murdered young lady will sue the city till blood runs out of the cities ass.

    2. Don't know who you are "Anonymous" but I guess it does not matter. I'll respond.....

      I've carried a Sig for 30+ years now, retired law enforcement and know the weapon well. It has no "safety" in the sense of a toggle switch that one might be familiar with. The safety feature is built into the physical firing sequence of the metal mechanics. The multiple sequence of events cannot take place unless and until the trigger is pulled. If you believe a cop would carry a weapon without a round loaded in the chamber than you need to bone up a bit in that arena. As far as my statements being "BS and conjecture" I'll admit to the conjecture but not the BS. The jury was not concerned about liability to the city. They were sticking with their personal interpretation of the events, and the historical sequence of events going back short term and long term in the broader sense of the social narrative in this country.

      I am a conservative, with some left-leaning conclusions based on the realities I have personally witnessed in my life. No one has all the answers, but I do enjoy constantly searching for them. We are all the product of our environment.

      Merry Christmas.

    3. Thanks for your reply.
      The part of your post I took issue was "Why even mention Trump, O'Reilly or O.J. as those statements are in left field as way past history. But it seems you are a lefty politically from your statement "I see the verdict as having the "O.J. effect"....the jurors wanted to send a message to the Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly's (old rich white men) of the world and to hell with the evidence.
      My assumption relating to my interpretation of that statement is a glaring racist statement demeaning old white men that may have worked hard, is Bull Puckey and conjecture. I doubt you are a conservative since you have left leaning values. Please B.S. the spectators and not the players and you are a spectator in my judgment evidenced by your post.
      I personally do never chamber a round in my Glock 23 as if someone or two someones try to wrestle it from me it would discharge if the triggers were pulled. Sounds like the Sig is similar but the Glock will discharge if the triggers are pulled when a round is chambered.
      And Merry Christmas to you as well.


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