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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Democrat Liars, Schumer and Pelosi can't be trusted

A democrats constant state of erection
I was in Washington State on a vacation when the two minority leaders came to the microphone and said they had a "deal" on DACA and the "wall".  They had dinner with President Trump and said he agreed to their "deal" and they were so excited!  I said to myself, "nope" they are lying and they are democrats.  Two things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  And my instincts were correct.  They just made up their "deal" and were trying to pull a fast one.  I saw their strategy. Tell this major lie before Trump could get to a microphone and set the dinner meeting conversation outcome correctly.  And they did.  Pelosi and Schumer are dirtbag politicians.  They have spent the year to date trashing Trump personally and calling for his impeachment.  Now to me, that is their true intent.

So we got to hear them yapping away on something that I knew was totally bogus.  But what we saw was a "media" that did not bother to go ask Trump or his people in the dinner meeting for their take.  Same old fake news we see from the lamestreams.  So an uproar took place for a while,  while everyone was chewing on the Schumer/Pelosi lies.  Later Trump and his spokes-people set the record straight.  NO DEAL was done.  He is all in for the wall and nothing is going to change that.  He sent DACA to the Congress as he said he would.  They need to pass a law to make DACA legal.  An Executive Order is only temporary.  And of course, these "kids" are now in their 30's so maybe we are talking about adults rather than munchkins?  So once again we witnessed what Americans have been rebelling about this last year or so.  We are fed up with liars from the democrat party and their mouthpieces we know as the "fake news media".  And they did not disappoint.

But Americans are smarter now.  We can see the tricks and games the left plays.  My take away from all this is simple though.  If Trump ever meets again with those liars he needs to hold the first press conference to make sure they can't set the talking points.  And I think Trump now sees these liars of the left do not have any desire to work with him.  After-all did he not give them a debt ceiling commitment last week?  And they turn around and screw him anyway.  So lessons learned again.  The DACA will either be codified by the Congress or not.  Then the EO will go away if they don't and the 800,000 will be adiosed back to their home country.

I was toying with the idea that maybe they could stay.  But the government has to weed out the criminals, the activists, the lawyers and the welfare queens.  No tethering either. No voting for twenty years minimum.  Why should we let people that really do not have the best interest of America stay?  Get them out.  Then the ones that actually contribute can stay.  But that will be very controversial anyway.

Never trust a democrat, especially the ones that call for your head every other day.  They are liars and in my view, anti-American.  They burn the flag, attack the cops and military and steal our money to give to freeloaders.  We must minimize their power.  Don't vote for them ever again.  Look at the disaster they have created here in California.  We get a front row seat to their follies.  So disregard anything they say, take their power away and send them home.


  1. You forgot Trump in your pack of liars list. “The wall will come later, we’re right now renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, making it brand new, we’re doing a lot of renovations,” he said to reporters as he left the White House,,,LOL Trump is doing a makeover of the wall in order to stay within budget I guess. Bring pliers and bailing wire and make America great again.

    Remind me,,, when was the last time America stopped being great? LOL

    1. You already have your cadre of media calling Trump names. I am dealing just with your heroes.


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