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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paid Berkeley leftwing thugs and their version of Free Speech Rights


  1. Pelline's cesspool blog is populated by deranged liberals and scofflaws. For some reason these nutballs there think we rational people are what they say we are. But in my experience with those kinds of kooks is they are saying we are what they are . Easy Freud 101 stuff.

  2. How can it be possible to have an Intetnational Women's Day if gender is merely a social cnstruct? It is an offense to assume one's gender in the liberal bastions of overpriced and undereducated academia. The word 'woman' must removed and censored.

    1. They are just confused. With all this gender reassignment stuff they are going through.

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  4. The locals Dems are gearing up!

    Friend, As you may know, Congressman Doug LaMalfa is holding a Town Hall this Saturday, March 18, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, 11228 McCourtney Rd, Main Street Building, Grass Valley, CA 95949. Doors open at 11:15, LaMalfa arrives at noon.

    We strongly urge that if you want a seat, get there by 10AM. The event is slated to have around 500 seats, but 1000 or more are expected to attend, so it will likely be standing room only. We cannot ascertain if you can bring your own chair, so that is at your risk. Parking is limited, so please try to double-up.

    Numbers are important, so we encourage you to attend. Republicans have become more active after the surprise of the January Women's March. We expect a strong conservative showing, and we must use this opportunity to make our voices heard and our power felt. Be encouraged that the current rise in activism from the middle and the left has had an effect. Tom McClintock has been listed vulnerable in 2018 by the Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO. This is a direct result of the pressure that has been leveraged against him since Trump took power, and we're just getting started.

    Our Indivisible team has been working hard to prepare for the event. And people are coming down from as far as Redding for this event. Please don't let their efforts be in vain.

    If you have never attended a Town hall, here are some tips: Sleep well the night before so you are refreshed and ready for the event. Greet people. Be friendly and smile. You will see State of Jefferson and Trump supporters. Some of them will look angry, some of them may be rude. Be nice to them. The most powerful thing you can do is be friendly, even in the face of hostility.

    Hard conservatives have been conditioned for years and years by conservative media, and even some churches, that we're all "dirty" liberals. We hate our country, we're all on welfare and want a handout, etc. Let's show them we truly are responsible, pleasant people. If you encounter someone who is being disruptive, please do not engage in ways that could escalate the situation. If someone in the crowd insults you, either don't respond, or politely say something like Oh, we don't know each other? I bet if we were somewhere else, we'd be great friends.Be on your best behavior!

    Additional guidelines:
    •Create questions that relate to a specific topic (ACA repeal, Muslim ban, etc). Include personal stories, engage the audience (how many of you are impacted by the ACA-raise your hands) and be specific (will you vote against this bill?) and SHORT?. Stick with your prepared questions
    •When he opens the floor, put your hand up and keep them up. Look friendly or neutral.
    •Be polite but persistent and demand real answers. Consider teaming up with others who can ask follow-up questions if your question is not answered completely.
    •Don't give up the mic until you are satisfied with the answer.
    •Use the provided (or bring your own) green card to show you AGREE, and red card to show you DISAGREE. Representatives take seriously seeing how constituents might actually vote.
    •Do not yell at or call the Congressman names, no matter how angry you feel. This behavior reflects poorly on us, and then it's harder to attract others to your cause.
    •Wear blue and/or patriotic attire.
    •Bring small American flags without sticks (safety rules). Make & bring your own small signs, no larger than 8.5? x 11"
    •Spread yourself out in the crowd instead of clumping into groups.
    •If you wish to video, best to interview people who are attending, and sharing that video broadly after the event. LiveStream on Facebook if you can.

    We thank you for your attendance. Your efforts will pay off.

    Now let's go make ourselves heard!!

    Chris Hawkins

    1. What a hoot! LOL!

      •Don't give up the mic until you are satisfied with the answer
      •Wear blue and/or patriotic attire.
      •Bring small American flags without sticks (safety rules).
      •Spread yourself out in the crowd instead of clumping into groups.

    2. :ppls like they are afraid. Well, we will see Saturday.

  5. The snowflakes are busing them in from far away, no surprise.

  6. We are in the middle of some substantial changes in America. The election of Trump has placed a man in the White House who is unafraid of the actions he takes and the blowback he gets. You have to at least respect that you liberals/democrats, right? Not them. I truly think listening to the left of America and their leaders that they don't have our best interests at heart. This goes for the Judiciary as well.

    The loons on the bench of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are a prime example of what happens when personal agendas trump the law. The President has the Constitutional power to issue and enforce the "Travel Ban" yet a idiot judge stayed it. And without even citing the law! This is what it has come too. We cannot even trust the top legal beagels to read and understand the law.

    So now we see a Trump budget proposal that is making the left go apoplectic. He wants to reduce a lot of the domestic programs and tranfer the money saved to defense. After all, if we cannot protect America what good are these programs?

    I watched the Trump Rally in Nashville yesterday and I can see the enthusiasm for the man and his proposals. Working Americans are excited by him because he cares about them. The loons on the left really don't care but say they do in order to get your votes. When you see the left living in gated communities and running our governement with security, armed guards and limosines, we see them for what they are. Hypocrites. Common folks like all of us don't have the freebies these pinheads get. They say they work, you know, the University professors making six figures and maybe putting in 10 hours a week in the classroom. Then they rile up the chillin to protest and break things just like they did in the 60's.

    So this Saturday the 18th our Congressman Doug LaMalfa will be holding a Townhall at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. And the liberals/democrats are busing in people from all over to come and harangue Doug. But we will be there in support for him. We will hopefully not see the left committing violence as we listen. But their track record is not good. They scream and drown out those they say they want to hear from. Hopfully the police will keep order.


  7. I should go but I really can't deal with these liberals.
    Why should I listen to these fools that allow me not speak.
    Sorry I don't need these liberal fools.

  8. I was at this ralley an athe people had yelling , even there ownn spekers got yelled . Why?


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