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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Law Enforcement and the NCRCC Gratitutde Night!

I traveled to the Alta Sierra Country Club clubhouse for a gathering of the folks that make this community and county work last night.  Close to 200 people showed up to honor the people who protect us and recognize their tough jobs.  Cops, emergency responders and others were given hearty applause as the main speaker, Sheriff Keith Royal, spoke for them.

I got to see many folks I have not seen for a long time.  I used to be the Chairman of the NCRCC back in 1995-1999.  Some of the members are still there!  Betty Hood, perhaps  is still at it.  I think she is 90 or so.  She alone(along with her now deceased husband John), have registered hundreds if not thousands of people over the years.  Greg Marks was there and did the invocation.  He is a tireless worker for the party and was Chairman after I left.  Current Chair is Deborah Wilder, she did a fine job along with many of the Republican women, to make the evening fun.  JoAnne Rebane a a few others did a lot of the legwork for the auction.
The Trump Team

There was not a lot of discussion from the podium on the candidates for offices though.  The Chair did introduce most all the elected dignitaries but no "campaigns" were allowed to talk. Duane Strawser was there and I did not get to meet him.  Hopefully he will prevail in my old seat of District One Supervisor.  Doug LaMalfa was there and I think one other person in his race but I am not sure.  Ed Scofield and his wife Carol were at the next table and we had a short pleasant conversation. 
I am in the blue tie

It was a overall pleasant evening and the Country Club did a good job and the food was excellent.  I do wish they had another bartender though.  It took a while to get the ginger ale!

Proud to support Doug LaMalfa for Congress
George Rebane taking pictures
 The Trump contingent was there and doing their best to mingle and converse about their candidate.  I am supporting the e eventual nominee so now it appears I am a Trump supporter too!  Heck, I may get to be a delegate and perhaps go to Cleveland for the convention!  What an adventure that could be!  I listened to the Trump folks and it appears he has a pretty good set of people all over the state.  His goal of course is to win as many Congressional districts as possible along with the three delegates they send to the convention.

I think we have a good chance at taking back our country from the leftwingnuts and get America back on track.  Obama's mission to the EU this week and his comments show me he is really unable to stop being a local "community activist" in Chicago.  Still angry and carrying a grudge against "colonialism" of two centuries ago.  He truly is an embarrassment and maybe he should just stay home in the White House and watch video games.  Or now, stay on the golf course. 

I spoke to a CHP officer named George and asked him if there was a fund setup for the Officer killed in Truckee last month.  He said yes so here is how to contribute.

The Nathan Taylor Memorial Fund at the CAHP Credit Union , P.O. Box 276507, Sacramento, CA 95827.  This is to help his family. And he said the other Officer rundown in Roseville will make it!

California may have a say in the election of the  next President so I urge everyone to get registered and get out to vote.  The office in the Fowler Center on the Nevada City Highway has all the forms and help to fill them out.  Let's go get that office back!


  1. Good report Todd, and good seeing you there last night.

    1. Thanks George, it was nice to see you and the rest of the gang. LOL!

  2. The fue is again talking to himself but had another inadvertent funny calling some guy is that not the fue's place in life? Chili cheese fries with a box on chardonnay! STAT! ROFLOL

    1. Now now, he said he never uses anything but LOL!. What a hoot.


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