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Friday, April 22, 2016

California Republicans may not be irrelevant!

Or maybe they are?  Anyway, nationally our state has been out of the loop for important offices since we are now the "People's Republic of California" and run by leftwingnuts.  Most people who are fed up and have the means to leave the state have left.  Leaving those die hard people  like me and some others in the "hinterlands" to be the honorable opposition voices.  California seems to have back-filled the loss of productive people with what I call the "takers" of society and our capitalist economy.  Hence we see the sharpest partisanship on our elected districts.

If it were not for the money being made by the silicon valley techie people, the state would be totally toast.  Unfortunately those tech people are lefty and their only use for politicians is their ability to send a gazillion bucks to politicians that have the desire to regulate them.  Never have understood that appeal by these entrepreneurs for these liberal anti-business politicians.  But there are many things I don't understand.

So, now not only are politicians coming for money, they are coming for delegates!  At least the Republicans say they are.  Democrats have now decided Bernie Sanders is toast and Hillary Clinton is the "one".  Well at least until the indictment.  The R's are making noise that the battle for delegates here is going to take place on June 7, 2016.  Primary day.  Each district will get three delegates and some additional ones based on some secret handshake criteria.  These delegates could make the difference in the end game.  Donald Trump appears to be ahead in the polls in California.  He is at 40%, Cruz 31% and Kasich 16%.  The winner here may be put over the top for the 1237 delegates needed for the first ballot at the Convention this summer.  Or the vote could deny.  We will see. 

So there we are, California is more important then just being a "piggy bank" and may actually determine the nominee for the Republicans.  Democrats have rules that are even more arcane than the R's and way corrupt.  Poor Bernie Sanders, he went up against the most distrusted person in Clinton that I have ever seen. 

I urge everyone to get out and vote.  Democrats can stay home since they have no honest people to vote for.  If all the Republicans in California got off their asses and voted we could actually win all the way down the ticket.  Democrats usually stay home in greater numbers than R's anyway. 

I will have my favorites posted later.  Let's rock and roll!!


  1. Todd
    I must disagree with your statement about no honest Democrat to vote for. While I disagree with virtually everything he says, I have not heard anything to indicate dishonesty in Bernie Sanders. He is your classic 60's protesting student. He doesn't have any actual facts, but he has lots of opinions. Hillary on the other hand .....

  2. Looks like a fun year for California politics. We have a chance to gain some seats and maybe get a Republican Senator! Anyway, the RNC is doing their best to minimize Trump and who knows, maybe it will work? But the bottom lne to me is the status quo is breached and we will all get to see what sticks oin the wall.

  3. As a aside, when I was Chairman of the NCRCC we Chairmen, all 58, would go to the conventions every six months and watched as the "elites" dissed us. Now of course they had nio idea that we were the people that really make it happen at the grassroots and to this day still don't. We had all kinds of resolutions and suggestions to make the party stronger and in charge. But they would not even allow us to read our resolutions on the general assembly floor. And we see what has happened. Well, now they want us to kiss their asses and many have said no.


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