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Thursday, March 24, 2016

We all love you Auntie Marian, Rest in Peace, say hello to Pop!

Marian Juvinall 

My Cousins submitted this obituary for my auntie, their mom in the Union.

"Marian Juvinall passed away on March 5, 2016 at Spring Hill Manor. She was 91.
Marian was born October 6, 1924 in Santa Monica, CA. She graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1942, before marrying the love of her life, James M. Juvinall on June 1, 1948. They moved to Grass Valley in 1957, where she has lived 59 years. She immediately became active in the family business, as well as an integral part in the community. Marian had a passion for helping those in need in any way she could, even if that meant simply driving them to appointments to assisting with delivering them food. Marian’s true love for volunteering her time also led her to volunteering for Hospice of the Foothills’ Thrift Store, along with her love of gardening, fishing, 3-wheeling, flower arranging, clogging, traveling, and being active in the Grass Valley Elks, Girl Scouts, the Nevada County Flower Arrangers, and the Red Hat Society.
Marian was a dear wife, mother, grandmother and aunt, and a good friend to many. She was loved by all who knew her and will be sorely missed.
Marian is survived by her son, James Juvinall of Grass Valley; daughters Cathy Loseke of Dubois, Wyoming and Vicky Lincoln of Grass Valley; 4 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.
Marian was preceded in death by her parents, James S. and Alice Barker, brother “Johnny” Barker; sisters Dorothea Barker, June Hawse, Julia Brockett, Eloise Martin, and her twin sister Mary Massey, as well as her beloved husband, James M. Juvinall.
Please make any memorial contributions in Marian’s honor to Hospice of the Foothills.
Arrangements are under the care of Hooper and Weaver Mortuary."

 We all have our memories of this woman.  I knew her all my life.  She was good to her kids and all of her husband's brothers kids too.  All six of us.  We grew up in the "Juvinall Compound" out on Highland Drive.  Grandpa and Grandma, my family and hers were all together for many years and even a renter or two in the other houses.  My mom never got used to that but she adjusted over time and we all seemed to get along OK.  There was enough of us to play baseball on the field before we built a home there.  One big American family!  

Auntie was always good to us kids, no matter what we seemed to conjure up.  She had a kind of crackly voice but I don't ever recall her yelling at us, well, me anyway.  She loved her three kids and her husband Jim,  "Unc", until he passed away, she was always by his side.  We had many family gatherings in the old days.  Holidays  mostly.  Big home cooked dinners.  I always liked the food.  Americana mostly.  Turkey or beef and it was followed by a pie!  

I remember her always entering flowers into the Fair.  She won a lot of ribbons.  She loved flowers.  She was not a big woman but she was strong.  She helped my Dad and her husband Jim sometimes and she never complained about that.  Construction was the biz and it took hard work to get the money to raise all of us urchins.  

So most of my memories are good of the way I grew up.  The women in my life as a kid, Mom, Auntie and Grandma had a lot of influence.  Auntie Marian took care of our Grandparents in their waning days and as we baby boomers know now, that was a herculean task.  My hat is off to all who do that, including my sister Loana.  But Auntie Marian was a classic, "stand by her man" woman.  Through thick or thin she was there helping and never complaining.  Her husband, my Dad's brother, was a lucky man.  Women like her and my Mom and Grandma are a rare breed.  The women of my generation are hopefully learning the things I saw practiced by the women before my generation.

God, Bless her soul, and I and all the rest of the Juvinall's miss her dearly.

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