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Monday, March 28, 2016

The road to perdition? And other rants

Unbiased press?
What has been going on in the minds of humans?  For most of the world's people, just finding a meal is a day's work.  A simple home, or security is a top wish.  Yet we have the "enlightened" western people putting even the simplest human endeavors at risk.  Europe, the place most of Americans count as their ancestral continent, has lost it's collective noggins.

Inviting a Seventh Century batch of people whose desire is to destroy you is nuts!  The Belgium Islamic murderers want to blow up the European people and take it for their own.  If you told this to anyone with a brain they would ask, "why would you do that"?  Is it guilt of the people there for the old colonial days?  Or could it be they are so magnanimous about others they would let them come in and takeover?  Genghis Khan was a piker when he invaded the world in the 1300's.  He did supply some say, 25% of the DNA in all humans.  He was a great lover of women and had so many kids they spread his genetic markers everywhere.  But he was 700 years early on conquering.  All he and his ancestors had o do was wait for "political correctness" to sweep the brains of Europeans.

The European Union says hey!  If you get into anyplace in the EU, you can travel without papers identifying you.  And if you all gather together in a "barrio" type area around our cities we will let you stay and leave you alone.  You don't have to make any attempts to assimilate into the culture.  So these "barrios" have a whole lot of men and women who want to blow people up!  Lunacy!

So here in America do we see anyone other than most conservatives, understand what is going on in the EU?  Looks like NOT!  Open borders, no assimilation into our American culture, local governance in some foreign ideology and politics.  No allegiance to our country or the documents making us America.  We are a powder keg waiting for the match.  And if you speak out and point to what is happening elsewhere, the dumbass press and the leftwingnuts of America call you xenophobic and racist.  Of course they don't realize they will be blown up first under any tyrannical government.  Oh well.  Their loss.

I have not decided who I will support in the Presidential race but I listen carefully to all the candidates regarding America and their plans.  So far the only people talking patriotism are Trump and Cruz.  The rest are "world citizens" and America seems to be a afterthought to them.  If we want America to last into the next generation, we need people in charge who believe we are a special place.  There are rules to get along and our national "compact" of the Constitution must be honored.

I read a article in the Sacramento Bee this Sunday that made me realize how stupid many of these "political" consultants and scientists are.  Page 5E top of page.  Headline, California provides lessons on ending political gridlock.  By Bonnie Reiss and Christian Grose.  They are connected to Arnold's USC Institute.  Arnold of course was a terrible governor and these writers are just plain dopey analysts of politics.

Their point was how wonderful all the politicians in California work together in a "bi-partisan" fashion.  Oh kumbaya!  I said to myself, "are these people smoking the Ganja at USC"?  Since the democrats have held majorities and even super majorities here, then how does one even claim "bi-partisanship"?  When you have no voice and can never get a vote, how is that congenial?  Is isn't.  Yet the writers for some reason think a dictatorship of the democrats here is as such.  But this is just the latest example of the stupidity of those from a left-biased viewpoint.  Sort of like the liberal press thinks it is balanced!  Delusional.

I guess I will be called names for these opinions but I don't care.  I am not perfect at all but I am logical and I know people.  This immigration issue is the worst.  Followed by the homosexual agenda.  It does show the power of guilt though.  It is ever where.  I try not to practice guilt and am quite happy.  You people out there afraid to voice your opinions deserve what you get.  A world of uncertainty at best.  I choose to speak up.  I think I am a "fair" person but I can say if I see that duck I call it a duck.  Wanna be like Europe?  Not me.  My ancestors escaped from there and I have no desire to return to their way of looking at things.  America is the greatest place ever conceived in governance yet many are not even taught that.  If you say you love America, the left will belittle you.  If you have any opinions they dislike they try to run you out of town and shut you up.  They say they are tolerant but they are the least tolerant of all.  Free speech, they lose the test for it.  I say the left is the new amalgamated "dictator" in the 21st century.

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