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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Climate Change scams galore!

Today the Union Newspaper printed a article on how the raging rivers in England were caused by "climate change".  Of course they mean "manmade global warming" or AGW.  I read the article and then sought out some others and have concluded they are a total hoax.  The A7 article in the Union titled Study: Climate change to bring extreme U.K. rains caught my eye since I have been exposing the hoax for 20 years now.

The article by the AP did not disappoint me in their bias and lack of a contrary views.  This is how they spread the lies.  Never have a scientist who opposes the hoax.  Act like this is Gospel and tell everyone there is almost 100% agreement among the scientific community.  Well, since I read these articles with a contrary eye, I can pick them apart for the propaganda words and paragraphs.

There is not one piece of truth or fact in the article.  No explanation of the facts since there are none.  Only those key words that keep these phony-baloney scientists out of jail.  Could, maybe, should, we need more study, not sure, we think, and on and on.  But you would think they have concrete proof to back up their claims.  Of course they don't.    And all this speculation they claim as proof is from "computer modeling" scenarios.  The computers are programmed by these "scientists" of course so their bias towards AGW is overwhelming.

They may not even know that it has rained extensively in the U.K. for thousands of years!  Maybe the Little Ice Age of the Medieval Period slipped their minds?  I looked hard for their facts and damn it, I found not one.  Just speculation.  But hey these lovelies are just looking out for the folks, right?  Flood plains need to be adjusted based on some "computer model"?  Millions of dollars in private property needs to move.  And there is more lunacy from the "bright" people.

Of course I have always alleged this "AGW" is all about control, taxes and power.  And money!  Here is the bottom line in the article.  I am quoting.

" Right now,the uncertainty in the results is too high to be of use to insurance companies or governments, Stott said. There is a lot of work to do before this information can be used.  But, overall he said, the study is "pointing the way forward."

HERE is another link to this ridiculous "study".

So you see how they do it?  Issue a ridiculous study to get the political class all worked up.  Then the money starts flowing for this unprovable, never ending issue.  What a perfect way to have scientific welfare, seem reasonable eh?  Anyway, the people of the planet are being inundated with all this fear and not one iota of the predictions have come true.  But knowing how the "fear factor" of people makes them willing to sell their souls if fed properly, these "scientists and eco politicians will keep dishing it out. money and fear.  So I would suggest we stop drinking the AGW Kool-Aid and start living life and having fun.


  1. Doesn't that guy with the sign live in Nevada City, not the Country but the City!

  2. So true Todd. Who would have thought Chicken Little would rule the new world order...BMW


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