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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Democrat Julie Langston takes out in lieu papers to possibly challenge Doug LaMalfa

I was making my rounds to see if anyone else is going to run for election in places or districts I care about.  And guess what?  This gal Langston took out in-lieu papers to run for congress against our Congressman, Doug LaMalfa.  So who is this Langston woman?

I did  te usual Google search and lo and behold there she was.  She apparently lives in or near Nevada City.  She has had numerous letters to the Editor here in the Union and in other papers and she hates the Tea Party and Republicans.  Wow, she talks like a conspiracy nut as I read through some of her letters. 

I have no picture of her so if anyone does, let me know.  It looks to me like another leftwing extremist who would be unable to get along with anyone in Congress.  My guess is she is probably a fan of Bernie Sanders, the socialist/communist running for the Presidency.  But I could be wrong.  One of her letters was extolling the virtue of why we need more women in elected office,  except for Sue McGuire and Sarah Palin.  You just can't make up the idiocy of the left.

My conclusion is she will have as much luck against LaMalfa as Heidi Hall did.  Oh and Hall I am told is a carpetbagger for the First Supervisorial District.  Not having lived in it before announcing her run.  Didn't her ilk complain about similar things regarding Tom McClintock?  Yes they did and still do.  So will Hall ship Scotts Flat water to Southern California?  LOL!

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