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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Donald Trump in Sparks, Nevada today!

A couple of people I know sent me these pictures of the gathering at the Nugget for Presidential Candidate  Donald Trump.  I have no details yet.  Trump looks really tired.  After-all he was up late for last nights "debate" in Colorado.


  1. It was a freak show as reported to me!

  2. Trump is not young, the first picture is an up angle from the side and below, not flattering to anyone. Trump has the upper torso camera shot down pat. Wish we all looked so good face to face. It was interesting to see the subtle shift last night. He made the splash and is now working to protect his position. Going to be interesting if he can make the long haul.

  3. Now I would have thought you would say 65 is the new 49! LOL

  4. Heck Trump looks ok for his age, but look at Hilary she looks like Dorian Grey without the picture.


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