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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary, the County Fair and other political musings. Just in Results of "Bean Poll"

This is so fun!  I love all this theater!  Hillary is in deep trouble for being a liar and in my view placing America's secrets in jeopardy with the enemies of the country.  Trump is leading the 17 Republicans in many polls because he is being a plain speaker and anti-PC man.  Our Fair goers were a microcosm of America's people and they are excited about the elections already.  Obama/Kerry and their "treaty" that is not a treaty seems to now say the Iranians can self inspect for nukes!  California is now allowing illegal aliens to sit on public boards and commissions!

My goodness, the country and the planet are in constant flux!  It is a great time to be alive!  After I got my cataracts removed in February this year, I thought there just could not possibly be anything better.  Well, seeing well again is a topnotch thing, but the fact we have so much going on is hard to beat.

Hillary Clinton is in my view will be indicted for numerous lawbreaking actions she took as Secretary of State.  Two email servers found in the bathroom of a "penny ante" Internet company in Denver must give us all pause.  What kind of smarts does a person show us when this kind of leadership is exhibited?  I mean this woman will have the red button to fire a nuke in her possession if elected?  Does that not scare the crap out of you?  How could she be relevant?  These servers are "wiped clean" apparently and the FBI and other will try and retrieve what they can.  What is she hiding?  Of course when this all started early this year we who know a bit about the email and server life believed she was erasing things.  Now we see that is true.  But doesn't that mean "obstruction of justice" if you erase evidence?  Especially now that we see she did have a lot of "top secret" stuff!  Do other nations secret police have this information?  Can it be used to wreck our country?

Besides Hillary Clinton's claims that she had no "top secret" emails does that not beg the question?  How if you had only one "device" and only used your own "personal server" did you receive "top secret" information or emails?  Seems to me that would be a pretty damning question don't you think?  I do!  She was in the twenty members of Obama's staff given the highest "top secret" clearance.  With that comes her job of creating "top secret" information for the State Department and the country.  Where are all those "top secrets" she dealt with?  How did she communicate them?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Maybe the real "orange" pantsuit of prison garb will loosen her tongue.  Oh, and where was Bill Clinton's emails?  On those two servers?

Manning the booth (a non PC term) at the Fair was very fun.  We were in a row location that contained the democrats, State of Jefferson and others.  Ben Carson and the Tea Party  had their own booths at a different location.  Animal rights nuts and some other leftwing goofballs were spread out too.  I liked how Deborah Wilder got the booth setup this year.  A large white board with all 17 candidates names and pictures were placed in the front for the passerby to see.  She had 17 containers that also had their names and pictures lined up on a table.  We told passersby and visitors if they wanted to take our "bean poll".  You got three beans to place in a container and vote for your top three.  When I finished Saturday night Trump and Carson were the far and away leaders.

Many people wanted to talk about Trump.  He is getting the most press and generating the most chatter.  Most were inspired that he is not PC, politically correct.  They want to hear more plain talk.  They like that someone is stepping up and telling it like it is.  Turns out that those who liked him were all kinds of folks.  I mean, the old saying, don't judge a book by its cover" was really apparent to me.  People of every background, rich, poor, educated and not, all were excited that Trump was saying his mind and they agreed!  Now Trump has placed a "Immigration" plan out for the world to see.  The press was nagging him about specifics so he produced specifics.  I know the press only wanted the specifics so they could tear them apart and ridicule them but true to Trump's personality he doubled down on the press.

His positions on deportation and anchor babies have caused the bowels of the politically correct to start growling.  I think it is great!  Most Americans agree with Trump and it seems the press and the bleeding hearts are in the minority.  Now those people afraid to speak these issues have a champion against the PC patrons.  And his poll numbers are boosted!  It shows me the old adage of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is waning regarding PC.  Trump is allowing others to speak their minds and opinions.  That is called leadership.  Don't let the PC crowd intimidate you.  If you think depredation is a good idea, now you have a candidate you can point to. (President Eisenhower (in conjunction with Mexico) deported many thousands in the 50's, Operation Wetback)   If you think the 14th Amendment was only for freed slaves and not illegals sneaking across our porous border to birth an "anchor baby" here, you have a champion. Along with Ann Coulter and her new book, Adios America.

The other candidates are now having to catch up.  I think the "silent majority" in America has had it.  They want America to be great, they want people coming here to do it legally.  I think they want a moratorium on legal and illegal immigration.  Let assimilation to American culture take root.   Stop this third world invasion.  Hell, just think if the 30 million illegals were gone what America would look like.  Wages up, jobs up, culture saved.

Many people registered to vote while I was there.  Many young people.  They are seeing the waste of their degrees from college since there are few jobs available.  They see Obama's desire to saddle them with huge debt!  Colleges are so expensive it takes the first ten plus years of work to pay back the debt!  This debt caused by the 800% rise in tuition costs over the last 40 years!  Professor teach a day or two and have subordinates do the rest yet they collect huge salaries.  Guaranteed of course by "tenure".  What a scam!  So the young are wising up.  Well at least some.

I got in to some back and forth with agitators of the left and that was so fun.  Of course the liberals know more about our candidates and all that is wrong with them.  Mostly though they spew the "Daily KOS crapola.  I don't give those people an inch.  Right back at them is my style and when they stumble their words they shrink away.  Good to know the facts and the truth.  It always does me good.

There it is for today.  Hillary will be indicted, Trump will keep the pot stirred and the County Fair was a gas.  Now the Congress must reassert its Constitutional powers and force Obama and Kerry to ask for a confirmation 2/3rd's vote on the Iranian "treaty".  Lastly, if Californians don't boot out the interlopers running the asylum, we can all see where it is going.  Illegals voting, huge welfare costs, no improvements in lifestyle and infrastructure.  Jobs adiosed, no water  and the place burned to the ground.  All good democrat/liberal policies.

I just got this from Don Bessee on the "bean poll".

BUSH        100
CARSON      800
CHRISTIE      25
CRUZ        250
FIORINA      400
GILMORE        5
GRAHAM        13
JINDAL        26
KAISCH      100
PATAKI        12
PAUL          94
PERRY        31
RUBIO        250
TRUMP        750
WALKER      110


  1. Looks like the local leftwingnut blogger with numerous sock puppets commented on thi story. His loony commenters can't even read apparently. One said Trump won the bean poll while the numbers showed Carson won. It appears the nut bloggers commenters are as dumb as he is.

  2. Prediction:

    Hillary goes out over her email server, classified/top secrete email issues, destruction/wiping and a side order of Benghazi cover up. Charges will be filed sooner or later, it's only a matter of time.

    The Dem's work it out and call up and run one of the following; Gore, Biden, Kerry, maybe Schumer and Warren in play too. One of them is green lighted and runs against Sanders for the Dem nomination.

    Would Sanders run third party if he doesn't get the D nomination? Can he play the "maybe" card like Trump? Sanders will be pressed to endorse the Dem selected that cut him off.

    1. Maybe you are on to something. It is too early for me to guesstimate. LOL!

  3. Oh no... China's emissions have been overestimated

    1. Well they are a commie nation. LOL! And the eco's here in the west are all commie castoffs now finding their homes in non-profits all over the place. Even Gorby!

  4. Remember all the "Peak Oil", no more oil on the planet BS the lefty enviro's were trying to scare the world with a while back? Turned out to be total BS, we got more oil that we know what to do with. The lefty enviro's keep making BS up and then when found to be untrue you never hear about it again and they deny ever saying it.

    1. Seen the price today? Free markets work. People like gasoline. The commie eco leftists are on the run and when we get a R prez, we will fight to turn off the taxpayer tap to these usurpers of freedom.

    2. "peak oil" was promoted by the oil industry as an excuse to price gouge you fools. The idea was to scare us into allowing them to drill in more sensitive areas like deep water and the arctic. What a bunch of morons. You buy into every pile of crap wall street drops on the sidewalk.

    3. Nope. Peak Oil was cooked up and promoted by anti oil enviro's as a way to push alternatives mandated by government and subsidized by the taxpayers.

    4. 40 bucks a barrel today. Who wooda thunk?

  5. Good writing Todd. I don't think anything will happen to Hillary. It's all smoke and mirrors to distract. She's more than paid her dues in the club. BMW

    1. We will see. Obama is closer to Sanders and if Hill-Billy fails or is tossed in the pokey, Kerry, Biden and Gore may jump in. I love all this!!

  6. Sacramento data company expanding to Texas.

    When a Japanese conglomerate bought controlling interest in Sacramento’s RagingWire Data Centers more than a year ago, its goal was to build a data company with a broad American footprint. That vision is starting to become reality. RagingWire, which hosts websites and other data for corporate clients, said Thursday it’s expanding into Texas. The Sacramento company expects to begin building a 200,000-square-foot data center next month on 42 acres it’s in the process of buying in Garland, northeast of Dallas.

    Adams said the data center that will break ground next month is just Phase One; the company has room to build a little more than 1 million square feet of space in Garland. That would roughly double the company’s existing space. Its three data centers in Natomas cover a combined 650,000 square feet, and its facilities in Virginia will total around 300,000 square feet when a new center becomes operational in a few months. RagingWire has room for additional centers in Sacramento and Virginia. Adams wouldn’t discuss the cost of the Texas center because the company no longer discloses such financial details. But the expense is surely in the tens of millions of dollars;

    Read more here:

    1. Yet another California high tech company deciding to expand and build in TEXAS.

    2. The FUE thinks Texans are po-dunk. What an idiot!

  7. But the FUE posts how wonderful Austin Texas is and how we need to be like Austin!

  8. DAMN IT TODD! You made me so mad today that actually posted 10 sequential posts in my own name and was so totally flummoxed that I forgot to use my sock pupe.., er ,a my regular readers of the award winning journalists blog. I cant keep it all straight anymore with you guys telling the world about me. No one talks to me and I cant get readers of any kind other than people laughing at me, not just my gelatinous body parts. %(#(&$@)^@ YOU TODD! You never leave my thoughts, I am so fatigued I need a glass of chili, I mean a bowl. Funnels work way better than some silly spoon. Saves on dry cleaning too! Come on talk to me, please, pretty please with chili on top! Let me back on Rebanes and here. I am getting out of town for some fresh air, oh lookie I sat on a Twinkie and its all flat like a pita, Yum, Yum that should tide me over till I get to the door of the kitchen to get the gallon of chili can in the funnel. mmmmmmmm After my chili snack I am going to post links about you to some musty old files that no one gives a shit about but it makes me feel powerful since I get a new post on my elitist hard left blog you cretins. That is all.

    1. Hey come here any time. LOL! Honestly I have never met such a full of themself schmuck over 600 pounds like you. Has the oil in the fries affected your noggin? LOL!

    2. Todd that's not fair having food porn as your robot check! Mmmmmmm waffles. Chili and waffles? Wont fit in the funnel though. Whats a porcine journalist to do? Eat both! HAHAHA beat you at your own game! ROFLOL oww, oh crap, I cant get up, oh well I'll just roll to the kitchen screw you all!

  9. Hippo boy is bragging about blocking RL Crabb from getting pictures at the farm to dumpster by holding up a napkin. Must have been a king size bed sheet! lol We should be glad RLC did not get a picture of the purple hippo eating, it would scare the children and old ladies who could fit in that maw. LOL


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